World’s 10 Best Hotels For 2019

Best Hotels in the world

Hotels are significant for travelling. Some hotels provide an unforgettable experience – impeccable food, hygiene with the perfect location. When you’re planning a trip, there are few primary things you need to prepare for, like flights and accommodations. If you already have a hotel in mind, you can easily book and have reservations, but if you don’t; then? Hotels have huge impacts on trips: they either make or break your vacation; so choose the best hotel.

A “miss” from a hotel can derail your trip absolutely. You do not want to be uncertain of security, or continuously be anxious about your belongings. For pleasurable experience, we have made a list of Top 10 World’s Best Hotels for you to take a look, and decide which will be best for your trip.

Top 10 Best Hotels For 2019

Whether it be a break from work, romantic getaway, adventurous trip or beach vacation; a cozy hotel is a must. Our handpicked hotels consist of qualities such as:

  • Nonpareil style.
  • Proficient services.
  • Destination cuisines.
  • Exclusive Loyalty and discount codes.
  • Heart of the city location.
  • Incredible costs.

Without further ado; here is the list of the top 10 hotels in 2019:

1.      Marriott

Labeled as “most powerful in hoteling industry”, Marriott has an impressive portfolio. The hotel chain expands into 130 countries; Marriott is undoubtedly the biggest and best hotel. People choose this hotel due to several reasons: decent food with different cuisines, hygiene, and other benefits and discount codes. Marriott, in any county, provides unparalleled perks and opportunities.

2.      Emirate Palace – Abu Dhabi

If pleasure and comfort are what you seek; no hotel can beat the Emirate Palace. Consisting of white sand beach, myriads of pools & fountains throughout the Palace, palatial spa, and other such intricate details which are not found elsewhere. Emirate Palace is a “small pleasure fortress”, indicating historic Arabic culture, yet modern enough to surprise and suffice you.

3.      The Plaza Hotel – New York City

The french-style historic site, famous in New York and worldwide, branded as the “greatest & best hotel of all-time.” An astonishing feature of this hotel is, it has been filmed in a blockbuster movie: Home Alone 2 – you can get the same ice-cream package which Kevin McCallister ate. The hotel has an all-pink suite known as “Eloise Suite.” There are a series of renowned events held in The Plaza Hotel, musical nights of famous names – from Miles Davis to Peggy Lee.

4.       Sheraton

Located in the city’s center; Sheraton is home for business travelers. Acquired by Marriott in 2016 – the hotel been upgrading experience, providing perfect spots in family-friendly resorts to capture the city’s true essence. Sheraton offers reasonable rates and several discount codes on credit cards and loyalty programs for you to remain a loyal and regular visitor.

5.      Mardan Palace Hotel – Turkey

Featuring the largest swimming pool in the Mediterranean which can fit 1,000 guests; it is labeled as “the most elite & luxurious hotel” in Europe. The Mardan Palace Hotel was built by an Azerbaijani businessman, Telman Ismailov. Their magnificent suites and breathtaking interior of gold, crystal, and Italian marble can be seen as far the eye could go.

6.      Cotton House Hotel – Barcelona

A historic landmark, which was once home to cotton-makers’ guild. The interiors are designed artistically so that floor-to-ceiling mirrors reflect antique furniture in the hallway. With their designs and immaculate services; they’ve given hotels fierce worldwide competition. A pool on floors above, L’Atelier and library are there as well.

7.      One&Only Le Saint Ge’ran – Mauritius

Mr and Mrs Robert Wtterwulghe, the owners of this marvelous hotel,  have two things extraordinary: surname and world record for visits. Commenced in 1975; it is the best place to stay in Mauritius. There aren’t many hotels which match their level of loyalty. Now, with numerous hotels available on the Indian Ocean; and has in no way overtaken le Saint Ge’ran.

8.      Waldorf Astoria Ithaafushi – Maldives

A boat ride away from the central city of Male and the Velana International Airport, this new hotel takes over three islands, promising an exclusive experience straight from paradise. Guests will have an unforgettable experience of overwater and treetop dining.

9.      Hotel Belvedere – Riccione, Italy

Hotel Belvedere provides you with a five-star hotel experience. Travelers, especially people who have been to Riccione, will tell you never-ending tales of sea and entertainment. Offering more than food and perfect suites; they provide you with great cycling experience. A fantastic aspect is that you can bring your pets as well. No need to leave them at home alone.

10.  The Boulders – Arizona

Listed among most luxurious & best hotels in the world The Boulders has a prestigious position in hoteling industry; with a golf and spa resort. The entire décor is Mother Nature’s blessing; as it is still impossible to transform stunning and surreal 12-million years-old rocks formation. Promising the exclusive and ultimate rejuvenation in the spa, whereas, two golf courses notoriously known to the world.

End Note

All the top hotels mentioned above are perfect to stay at during your vacation. Regardless of which country you go to, you’ll eventually find a good accommodation to spend the night at. However, the elegance and luxuries facilities of the above-mentioned hotels are an adventure in themselves that would make you plan your next vacation just so you could have the best time of your life.

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