Traveller Checklist for Flying from Heathrow Airport (UK)

Heathrow Airport

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Heathrow Airport Guide – Make a Beautiful Trip

Let’s accept it that we all forget something when it comes to backpacking, especially when we are travelling by air. With this in mind, we have created a traveller checklist for the people who are flying to and from Heathrow. Though this list doesn’t include everything related to your trip, it covers the basic amenities and security precautions at the airport.

  1. Pre-planning before Reaching Airport

Before booking a flight to Heathrow, consider the following things related to your destination:

  • How far your destination is from the airport
  • How many days are you planning to stay there
  • Is it accessible via public transport or not?
  • Do you need to book hotels in advance?
  1. Essentials for Hand Luggage

When you’re about to leave your home to catch the flight, make the following confirmations:

  • Confirm the flight reservation status
  • Check essentials documents like Visa, Passport, Boarding Pass, etc. are in your hand luggage
  • Take a copy of all the documents you’re carrying
  • Medication, Health insurance, or any other equipment related to health
  • Magazines, books, games, music player – especially if you’re travelling with kids
  • Cash currency of the country that you’re visiting

Pro tip: If you’re travelling just with hand luggage, then check with the airlines about how many hand luggage you can carry during your journey.

  1. Checklist for Suitcase

If you’re carrying a suitcase, it means you’re going for a long trip. So, make the following checks before leaving:

  • Your outfits, such as warm clothes, vests, winter wear, etc.
  • Cosmetic items like sunscreen, body lotion, face cream,
  • Electronic items like phone, laptop, iPad, electrical adaptors, and other equipment
  • First aid kit in case you need it
  • Insect repellent

Pro tip: You can check the airline guidelines for carrying a suitcase and what items you can bring with yourself.

  1. General Checklist before your Journey

Consider checking the following things when your journey date is nearby:

  • Flight reservations and timing
  • Get vaccinations if required, and check whether you’ll need it after reaching your destination or not?
  • Check-in and pre-book your seats online
  • Request early boarding at check-in

Pro tip: Ask a friend or colleague who has travelled to the UK before and choose to arrive at Heathrow airport.

  1. Security Measurements at the Airport

When you board a flight from Heathrow airport, you’ll have to go through several security checks, such as:

  • If you’re carrying a suitcase, it will be checked as soon as you enter the airport
  • Head to check-in desk that is located near the entrance of the airport for bag checking
  • After bag checking, follow the signs for other security checks
  • Your bag, electronic items or any liquid that you’re carrying will be checked
  • Be ready to remove your clothes or jewellery, as the staff can ask for it due to security measurements
  • Make sure all your devices are fully charged because if they’re not, you’ll not be allowed to take them with you

Pro tip: Check the weight of your luggage before leaving to avoid any extra packing during checking.

  1. While Boarding the Flight

When you are boarding your flight, you’ll have to go through security checks again, which will include:

  • At the gate, your boarding pass and passport will be checked
  • The steward will greet you and advise you to find your seat
  • Make sure you put your luggage either under your seat or in the overhead storage
  • Take your seat with the seatbelt on and put your device on flight mode
  • Once everyone boards the flight, cabin crew will brief about the security precautions, such as emergency exits, oxygen masks, etc.

Pro tip: To avoid ear pain during the take-off, purchase some boiled sweets or mints at the airport and eat some of them during take-off.

  1. Arriving at the Airport

After arriving at the airport, you’ll have to collect your luggage. So, just follow the signs at the airport, or you can follow other passengers.

  • You’ll have to represent your passport to the officials again at the custom department
  • After that, follow the board signs to collect your luggage
  • If you’re boarding another connected flight, then you don’t have to through the customs
  • If you’re waiting for your cab or someone else to pick you up, then you can rest at the airport lounge

Pro tip: To avoid any delay in your pick up, prefer booking a taxi in advanced so that you find the cab driver at the airport when you arrive.

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