6 Reasons to Travel to Mustang in Nepal

Nepal Mustang Region

Nepal: Upper Mustang Region

The Mustang region of Nepal was once a separate and self-governing Tibetan territory. Now part of Nepal, it notwithstanding preserves rugged and mystical fame. Mustang is divided into two parts Lower part and Upper part. Both the Mustang regions offer different charms for the travellers, in terms of Mountain Scenery, treeless landscape, culture and tradition. Here are six reasons why you should go to Mustang.

  1. No Seasonal Barrier

You can travel to both Lower & Upper Mustang at any time of year. While most popular treks in Nepal are best done and recommended to do in the spring and autumn seasons, this isn’t necessarily in Lower Mustang.

Trekking to upper Mustang is considered as the rain-shadow; it doesn’t experience the monsoon. And due to having on moderate altitude there will be no chance to feel sick due to high altitude.

  1. Transportation Facility

Each & every part of Mustang is connected with the transport facility. Not only to Jomsom & Muktinath of Lower Mustang even the last point of the Upper Mustang trek, but Lo Manthang is also connected with jeep driving facility. Jomsom is just around 30-minute flight destination from Pokhara. If you’re on a fixed on budget, you can also reach Jomsom by road taking about 11-13 hours local bus drive from Pokhara.  For those who love to explore historical places but don’t have any trekking experience to walk jeep tour to upper & lower mustang will be the best one.

  1. Comfortable Overnight Stay at Local Lodges

Nepal is famous for its low-budget accommodation facility at teahouses/guesthouses, especially on trekking ways. Evocative buildings, art on the walls, Comfortable beds, good quality food and, is best for even luxurious travellers. In some places, you can also get Buddhist murals in the ‘yoga room’.

  1. Chance to Explore Holy Muktinath Temple

Muktinath, which is a sacred holy pilgrimage site for Hindus and Buddhists, is a temple located at an altitude of 3,700 metres. It’s possible to walk there, and back from Kagbeni in a single day, completing as a day tour. Also, you can take a 4WD drive to save time. Visitors will be awarded a red tikka on their forehead with a blessing from the priest.

  1. Popular Marpha

A great half-day tour from Jomsom is a Marpha village. Green, sprinkled farms surround Marpha village. Especially famous for Apple, You can eat apple pie and visit farms there. Marpha is a clean, pretty to experience Tibetan-influenced society without going too far.

  1. Mustang-Monk

The Hindu Follower of Nepali society decreases as you cross the Kagbeni, and Mustang is vibrant in Tibetan Buddhist culture. In Kagbeni and onwards from the upper Mustang will start, there are lots of old monasteries, from which you’ll hear loud horns being waived early in the morning. Prayer flags ripple along bridges, and plentiful prayer wheels can be touched and played in the narrow passages of the town of Mustang. The local people dress in a more Tibetan-influenced style; This is a culturally exciting part of the country that proves how distinct Nepal is.

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