Tiger Safari is More Than Spotting Tigers in India

Tiger Safari in India

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Tips on spotting tigers in India’s national parks

Tiger safari is one place where you can look ugly on your vacation!!!


The idea behind such humdrum opening line was not to demotivate your excitement on tiger safari but to make you known to many other things you can expect from Tiger safari in India.

The vacation is nowadays snooty events to brag about and find some “likes” and “comments” on the social post. The fancy backdrops mingling perfectly with designer clothes has overtaken the true essence of exploring nature and creating memories to enhance the overall personality.

Tiger Safari in India is Different! Know How?

After seeing a few pics from the latest post of my friends, where they have visited a few beautiful national parks, it just jilted me with similar emotions. The candid photos of tiger,  driver, rooms and ample of selfies, I was still struggling to find the real essence of Tiger safari.

I am not wild photographer neither am I, a nature lover, I am just a  traveller who loves to travel sometimes solo, or with family or even look for some romantic getaways or a place to freak my adventurous spirit.

The mood may differ with every journey but the essence of travelling always remain the same.

A”  holiday experience”, a few days of comfortable stay that ensures my safety, the fulfilment of my desires and an enlightening experience about the local culture and tradition.

And, Tiger safari in India is a “holiday experience” that I recommend to every travel enthusiast from Uk, USA, Australia or from any other part of the globe.

Tiger safari in India is not only safe but also enrich the complete experience of being on an adventurous trip as a romantic couple, or a solo traveller or overly exciting family trip.

Tiger safari is not only about spotting the tiger in India. It is opening your eyes to the beautiful and naive nature and also to get a deep insight about life and charismatic emotions that keeps on flowing inside you like the unnoticed flow of blood.

What to Expect in Tiger Safari in India?

India has 51 tiger reserve and every reserve is different in its own way. Though I have not been to every reserve there are few that I have visited and liked them all for their distinctive reasons.

I found this list at LIH travels website which is apt to give you a brief idea about all these places. I have shared this below for your reference.

Name of the reserve Big city nearby Best time to visit Tiger spotting Other activities
Anamalai Tiger Reserve Coimbatore, Pollachi (Tamil Nadu) December, January, February Very good chances Trekking, elephant ride
Nagarhole national park Mysore (Karnataka) October, November, March, April Good Chances View floral vegetation
Bandhavgarh National park Jabalpur(Madhya Pradesh) March, June, November, February Very good chances Visit world popular Khajuraho temples, ancient caves,
Pench Tiger Reserve Nagpur, Jabalpur(Madhya Pradesh) February, March, April Good chances Trekking on hills
Ranthambore national park Jaipur (Rajasthan ) November, February, August Good chances Visit Ranthambore Fort
Sariska Tiger reserve Jaipur, Alwar(Rajasthan), Delhi(New Delhi) October, November On luck Buffer right seeing in monsoon
Kaziranga National Park and tiger reserve Tezpur, Guwahati(Assam) November-April Fair chance A chance to see Single horn Rhino, beautiful landscape
Jim Corbett national park Nainital (Uttarakhand) November-June Very rare chances Visit waterfalls and chance to see rare species Bengal tiger

Source: Lih travels tiger safari page (link)

The tiger reserves in India are preserving a varied range of flora and fauna in their natural habitat. Large acres of land has been developed and protected as forest to maintain the serenity as well as the wilderness of the entire environment.

What I love about Tiger safari in India is that you even if you don’t spot tigers, you still feel outright about the whole experience.

The parks are not only rich in Fauna and flora but are also enriched with beautiful landscapes and interesting monuments, that can keep you on toes throughout the safari.

  • Beautiful Landscape.

The caves at Bandhavgarh National Park, waterfalls at Jim Corbett, the fort at Ranthambore accentuate your stay during the safari.I met many tourists who sometimes visit this park only to enjoy these beautiful and natural landscapes, away from a chaotic life in the city.

  • Elephant Ride.

Annamalai National park, Kaziranga National Park are popular and families and kids because of the elephants that become your carriers to explore the jungle and wild animals. Eating Bananas, having a bath in ponds, greeting guests is the sight of amusement for every spectator.

  • Tigers.

The royal Bengal tiger, the white tiger, leopards, jaguars, are some wild cats that can be spotted during tiger safari in India. Even if you miss spotting tiger you will be able to experience their presence in decor, stories, names and their effigies. Tigers everywhere.

  • Exciting Flora & Fauna.

All the national park in India are distinctive and rich in Flora and Fauna. With an abundance of wildlife, birds, flowers, trees, tiger safari in India becomes beguiling to photographers and nature lovers.In these forests, you will find a variety of Indian Wildlife. From Asian Elephants to Asiatic Lion, Bengal Tiger, Sloth Bear, Indian Rhinoceros and Leopard, you will find all of them here. There are hundreds of bird species and it is one of the best places for bird watching.

  • Royal and Luxurious Stay.

Tiger safari in India is promoted worldwide.To attract tourists and to ensure a comfortable stay many luxurious properties have been developed surrounding the park.You can enjoy luxurious and royal stay during tiger safari.

So I conclude with the fact that since more than 2 lakh visitors visit these parks every year,🤕 I assume many more avenues of the retreat will be developed and flourished to enhance every visitor’s experience.

So next time don’t be disheartened if you don’t spot a tiger during tiger safari, there must be an elephant safari, waterfalls, beautiful landscape, varied Flora and Fauna and some luxurious properties or any other activities to keep you intrigued during your stay.

Enjoy your tiger safari in India.

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