How to Travel Tibet Alone- A Complete Tibet Travel Guide

Tibet travel guide

Do you love solo traveling?

Is Tibet your next travel destination?

You might have heard that travel to Tibet is not possible for solo travelers, but it is. You can travel to Tibet independently, with some planning beforehand and getting the legal paperwork done.

Do you want to know how to travel to Tibet alone in 2019?

We are here to help you.

In this post, we will guide you to plan a solo Tibet tour. Read on


What are Routes to Travel to Tibet?

You have a choice to select any of three routes; by road, air or train, to reach the capital of Tibet, Lhasa. Let us explore each route.

Air Travel to Tibet

Tibet has only one airport in Lhasa; Lhasa Gonggar Airport (LXA), situated 62kilometer away from Lhasa.

There is only one route to fly internationally to Lhasa airport; Kathmandu, Nepal. It means that you will have to fly to Nepal, then Tibet.

However, if you are already in China, you may fly to Lhasa from Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, and Shanghai. So, travel to China then Lhasa to avoid traveling to Kathmandu.

Land Travel to Tibet

You may travel to Lhasa, Tibet over land. You can travel from Nepal, passing through Mount Everest base camp, to Lhasa by road.

It takes 3 to 5 days to reach from Nepal to Lhasa. You may join a tour group in Nepal or arrange a solo trip by getting tour permits in Kathmandu.

Train Travel to Tibet

The last and most fascinating route to travel Tibet is Qinghai Tibet Railway, the highest railway track in the world.  Opened in 2006, Qinghai train takes almost 41 hours to cover the distance of 3,757 kilometers from Beijing to Lhasa.

This travel allows you to visit other places in China such as Shanghai, Chengdu, and Xi’an as the train is linked to these areas.

As the train covers high-altitude travel, extra oxygen tanks are there to meet the oxygen needs during travel. You have to book your train tickets at the railway station in China or via an agency.

What are the Essentials for Tibet Travel?

No matter, if you travel to Tibet by road, air or train, you have to fulfill some formalities and get paperwork done to enter China. Here are some essentials;

Get your Chinese Visa

To enter Tibet, you need to enter China first. So, you will need the Chinese visa that you can obtain in your home country with the Chinese consulate or embassy.

Important Note: Due to political delicate, authorities may reject your visa request if you list Tibet as your main travel destination. So try to list other destinations like Shanghai, Xi’an, Beijing, and Chengdu to get the Chinese visa.

Tibetan Travel Permit

Once you get the Chinese visa, you can apply for a Tibetan travel permit. Remember, you can’t enter into the Tibet without Tibet permit.

You can’t get Tibetan travel permit in your home country, however, you can approach tour agencies in China to get this job done for you beforehand. Otherwise, apply for Tibetan permit once you reach China.

Tickets for Tibet

Let it be air tour, land trip or train travel; you will need to book a ticket for Tibet travel.

You may approach travel agencies to book tickets for you or reserve it individually with Chinese travel stations. You also have the option to book the tickets online 50 or 60 days ahead of your journey.

Travel with Local Driver and Guide

Foreign tourists are required to have a private driver and a tour guide to travel in the area. You will also need to arrange a private vehicle since foreigners are not allowed to use public transport to travel across the region.

Plan a Private Tour or Join a Small Group Tour

You may travel to Tibet individually or join a small group of Tibet tourist.

For a customized private tour, you will have a private vehicle, local driver, and a personal guide to take you to all the desired destination for visit. It is independent travel without any set schedule,  making your Tibet experience more interesting and wonderful.

If you are not able to manage a private tour, join a small tour group of like-minded people, visiting Tibet. Small group tours are pre-set with a specified schedule to visit certain destinations within a set time, allowing you to share the cost for the tour.

Final Words

Planning a Tibet travel is not hard. You can avail the services of professional tour advisors and agencies to explain to you the details of the Tibet tour and help you select the best tour for you.

Plan it today!

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