Surfing Experiences in Morocco

Surfing Experiences in Morocco
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Best Surfing Experience in Morocco

Morocco is so colorful, vibrant and the most fascinating Arab African country along with the best-surfing destinations on the earth. It is alluring for the people of the other parts of the region especially Europeans. People from Europe see Morocco as a great holiday spot during the extreme winter conditions in Europe. It attracts vacationers through its unique culture, traditions, eye-catching landscapes. Its heavenly beaches add to that attraction and hypnotize the travelers through its beauties. You know the fact, the coastline of Morocco spread over 1,140 miles of the area, includes numerous surfing spots.

I’m a professional surfer and just got back from Morocco, I couldn’t stay there for some other days because my vacations were so limited. But spending a week there brings me such unforgettable memories, I was not expecting my holidays in Morocco, especially on its beach could have impacted me anyway.

While there, You will also experience the other Morocco attractions other than learning to balance on waves, You would see and experience a camel ride along the seaside or in Sahara, Shop in the traditional antique souks of the market and wander in the streets of Old Madina and then the new city and then the mix of these two. Do you feel that you should go for bathing in the local Hammam in Morocco? It’s fun, must try. Surfing is my today’s concern so a quick tip, start searching for the best guide of the town which can guide and lead you to the best surf spots in Morocco. I’m here to tell you about the mix of information, my experiences and about the places you will need to know.

What is the Right Time for Surfing in Morocco?

Morocco as a whole comes into its tourist life mostly in winters. Ideally the time I would recommend you is October to April, you can visit Morocco and enjoy the life there be it roaming in the innards of the country or surfing on the coasts of Morocco.

Now Comes, Where to Go For the Best Surfing Experience?

The spots between the Essaouira and Agadir are called to be the home of the best surfing in the town. Believe me, The place is heaven. That also depends that if you are a beginner in surfing or in it for so long. Let’s start from the spot for the very beginner surfers and that destination is famous.

Essaouira Beach

The ideal place to relax and surf. Essaouira Beach is a very suitable spot for the beginner surfers your Guide will tell you. When I reached in Essaouira, It was a White sandy beach has no end as far as my eyes could see. To learn the basics of balancing with the waves not very powerful,  the Sandy Bottom helps to pamper the newbies in the game, it polishes the skills one could have to grow in the game of waves.

Safi Beach, only for Experts

Safi is a port and the industrial city of Morocco which locates on the north of the Essaouira. It is somehow tricky with the rocky hard bottoms and recommended for the advanced level of surfers. This beach is not of the same surface and can be hard to surf in the low ides. Competitions of the level up to the intermediate are held here because of its difficult nature. Again, it is only for the expert surfers not for those who are beginning their surfing careers.

The Imsouane Bay, another easy spot

One other place for the beginners, you can say a nursery to make the base your guide will tell you about this. This is a long right-hander bay just outside the beautiful village of Imsouane. One of the longest wave producers in the whole of Africa, this bay offers you the rides up to the 2,000ft which makes 600m. This bay is called to be the best holiday destination and the perfect learning spot in Morocco.

Just in the south of Essaouira, there is Sidi Kaouki beach

Only 30 kilometers on the south of Essaouira, there is a Sidi Kaouki, calls the surfers of all the levels, especially to the beginners. This opened A-frame beach offers a variety of waves in high tide and low wind. For visiting here, you can come any time of the year, for adventure type of experiences, the experts come here between June and January.


One of the most reliable and the coastline destination for all the level of Surfers, Tamri offers you the fun of all the tides and wonderful views of the landscapes. It is situated just 30 kilometers away from the Taghazout.

Taghazout calls you

This town is actually full of the delight and life I found. It has Surf shops, cafes, and numbers of restaurants delicious Moroccan Cousine. With a cultural vibrancy, this town is perfect right- hand surfing destinations and only 20 kilometers distance from Agadir? Wow, I could see many banana trees in Taghazout.

Agadir Beach, the best destination for everything

Agadir you will find is mostly packed round the year. This is one of the best and premier destination for holidays and surfing. Tourists count its beauty and allure by their tremendous experiences there along with their families. That’s a funny place to spend your holidays with your family, it has the capacity to recharge you and soothe you in an immense way.

These are the glimpses, pack your luggage and set out to explore for more.

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