Skimming The Waters: Kite Surfing

Skimming The Waters: KiteSurfing

Kitesurfing, as the name suggests, is a water sport that used the wind to propel a kite with a board across a water body. The thing about kitesurfing is that it does not need to be done on a water body with waves – it can be done on still waters, like that of a lagoon, or even in the sea. Wind and water are the only natural elements needed to enjoy this sport.

Kitesurf in Playa del Carmen

Kitesurfing has steadily gained popularity in the last 20 years, and it can be a lot of fun to fly with the wind, managing a kite. Once the basics, like riding with the wind and managing to stay active have been mastered, one can transition onto faster speeds, improved balance, trying out freestyling tricks, wave-riding or pushing some downwinders along the shoreline.

The Skills You Need

In most cases, the learners are starting from scratch, and so boardsports and water sports, like kitesurfing, require you to learn everything from the beginning. Some people who take up this hobby have never even worn a wet suit, so earning as you go is the key to picking up this skill. To ensure safety, one must get used to swimming in open water rather than an enclosed swimming pool.

Fitness Levels

Basic fitness is all you need to kitesurf in Playa Del Carmen or anywhere else; being super-fit is not the criteria. The kit used for this sport is very light, so extreme muscle strength is also not required. A  general level of fitness is all you need, as it will help you learn and move faster through your course, and also save you from unnecessary injuries.

Taking Lessons

Taking lessons is important, and beginner lessons to clarify your basic techniques are essential. Learning quickly and practicing well is key, and an instructor can help you reach your goal quickly.  You will also get more familiar with the technical know-how, safety procedures and more. Without these basics, it can be dangerous for you, as well as the others,  sharing the space with you.

In order to pick the right instructor, look for the correct certifications. Any kitesurfing instructor must be able to show a trainer’s certificate in a training course with a recognized institute like VDWS, IKO, or BKSA. This is the basic requirement, but they should also have pre-and-post qualification experience so they are familiar with the inner workings of the sport. It is best to ask for recommendations and find an instructor who is passionate about human connection and provides insight and personalized training.

For those planning to take an overseas course in kitesurfing, you must ensure that you are able to communicate very easily with the instructor and understand exactly what they are saying. The equipment they use should also be in top shape, including the floatation vests and helmets.

What You Need

A reputed kitesurfing school or institute should be able to provide a fully-equipped kit when you enroll for your lessons. This includes a range of kites, safety equipment, and boards that suit you and can work under different weather and wind conditions.

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