7 ways to Save Money on Your Dubai Trip


Travel in Dubai on a Money Saving Budget

Dubai is one of the most happening places in the world. And why not, the list of out-of-the-world experiences and worldly renowned architecture that it has to offer – no wonder they have shouldered the responsibility of the host of the World Expo 2020. Most of Dubai’s income is generated via tourism, which makes this place expensive to stay and to vacancy. So, if you are not careful with the spending, your Dubai trip will lead to a big hole in your pocket.

But don’t worry, we have enlisted a few ways (given below), and if you follow them, I am sure you will return with a bag full of memories and the extra cash that you saved! 😉

Rent a car on monthly subscription

When you travel to Dubai, like every other trip, this will also involve a lot of travelling unless you want to sleep in a locked room. Right from the Burj Khalifa, to the Palm Islands if you want to explore every corner of the city, a means of public transport will be very inconvenient. A rented car ready on your doorstep at all times will serve the convenience you need. Now if you are contemplating this to be an expensive option. Here’s a thing, hire a car on a monthly subscription and believe me it will turn out cheaper even than public transports.

Plan well in advance

Like it’s said – ‘If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.’ Especially if you are on a tight budget, you can’t afford improper planning. If you impromptu decide that next week you want to be in Dubai, be ready to pay a hefty airfare. The reason why booking hotels, flight tickets, and tour tickets in advance will help you save a fortune.  

Let the internet be your guide

Tour guides undoubtedly make your trip fun and interesting, but are you sure you can fit them in your budget? Don’t worry if your answer is ‘No’. In the world of internet, there’s nothing you have to fear. Lost somewhere? Just use the GPS and find out. Running low on cash? Transfer payments digitally. Plus, with a guide, you are allocated a stipulated time, but well with your internet guide, travel ‘wherever, whenever’ – it will always be at your fingertips.

No hotel is bad

All of us want to stay at Burj-Al-Arab, but our bank balances narrate a different story. Furthermore, while travelling, your central objective is to visit the main attractions and famous locations. So why spend a fortune at a place that is just going to be inhabited for a few hours? And since Dubai is a hot exotic tourist location, none of the hotels are below average. None would be as good as a Burj Al Arab, but if you eliminate the standards from your head, it will make your stay worthwhile.

Shop at the local markets

None of the trips are entirely complete without the shopping spree! And yes, Dubai is known for the most exclusive shopping malls. But let’s not forget the extraordinary pricing in these luxe locations. To save your hard-earned money here’s a quick recommendation from my personal experience – hit the local markets, I guarantee, you will not regret it. Everything that you had spotted in the malls, will also be available here, at much better rates.

Visit local cafeterias

Food represents the country, its people and its culture and when you are travelling you, of course, want to taste every flavour of the city. But, if you decide to grab a bite in the Burj Khalifa, be ready to spend a fortune. Just like the markets, my suggestion would be to visit the local cafeterias and pick the best on their menu. They will make introduce you to the true culture of the streets of Dubai.  

Explore beyond Dubai

Straight off, Dubai is not UAE. In the glitz and glamour of Dubai, people often forget that the UAE has a lot more to offer. So why not take a round trip to the serene nearby island that no one knows about? The stunning pictures will make it your Instagram feed, apart from that it will be a lot cheaper than the central city.

Dubai is an unmatchable experience. Don’t let your financial band be the reason why you didn’t make the most of your time. Follow these tips and come back to drop your favourite memory from Dubai in the comment section below!

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