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Private Villa in Marbella for Rent

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Get Luxury Villas in Marbella to Rent

Vacations are great, it is the time to say no to work and just relax and refresh yourself. Everyone goes on a vacation to spend some quality time with family and to stay calm, far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

But, think if you do not get that space, comfort and peaceful environment to enjoy your holidays, it will make you more stressed out. To avoid such situations, the best option is to go for private villas in Marbella.

Imagine having a beautiful sunny day just relaxing, by the side of a private pool. Your kids enjoying private kids area, complete privacy with unlimited access to all luxury amenities is what all you need on your vacations.

Renting a villa in Marbella is the best option if you want to enjoy your holidays in your own style. Find out some reasons as to why you should rent a private villa in Marbella-

  • Privacy

Staying at a private villa means complete privacy to you and your partner or family or friends. If you do not like sharing pool, meals, terrace, hanging in the garden with other guests then staying at villa is the perfect option for you. Villa allows you to enjoy your holidays in a peaceful environment, where no one will disturb you.

  • Space

Private villas in Marbella, Spain are spacious as compared to a deluxe or standard room of a hotel. Mostly all villas have lots of bedrooms and bathrooms where a family can spend time without any limitation. The Villas are designed especially keeping space in mind, they offer spacious bedrooms, a big modern kitchen, lavish living room, a patio or balcony, private pool, terrace, kids zone and many more where you can just relax and enjoy your holidays.

  • Amenities

Renting a holiday villa in Marbella allow you to enjoy luxurious amenities such as private swimming pool, hammocks,  a large barbeque, gardens or terrace, kids zone, etc. Private villas have luxurious amenities and facilities that make sure that you have comfortable and relaxed stay for which vacations are meant to be. However, list of amenities varies from location to location and depends on the space of the villa.

  • Services

Holidaying in a private villa means you have all personal services available at your discretion. You can call for maid service as and when you need, personal chef for cooking delicious meals for your family, personal spa or salon services to make you feel more relaxed, baby sitters available on call, personal yachts or any other guest services. You can avail these services when you want.

  • Easy Scheduling

The best part of renting a villa for holidays is that you are free to make your own schedule as per your convenience. It’s the best way to enjoy your holiday in your style. There is no restriction as to buffet breakfast timings or other meals timings. No restriction on usage of swimming pool or garden. No limitations on check in and check out times, you are not bounded in any form; all flexibility is given in a villa. You are free to schedule your day, your itinerary according to your preferences and choices.

  • Budget

Many people think that renting a villa is a costly affair, but it is not. In fact, it is the cheaper option than a hotel. You can stay at a five star property for a good number of days while enjoying all luxurious amenities which you can call as your own space at less price than a hotel. A hotel can give you a good room, but along with the restrictions of usage of their facilities. You can not spend the whole day by lying in a pool under the Spanish sun in a hotel but, in a villa you can. A villa with private swimming pool gives you a lot more value of money. You can book great villa accommodation at affordable prices.

  • Get Together

Whether you are planning any New Year’s party or reunion party with your friends or family, renting a villa will be a good option. As you will get your own space and privacy too. It’s an ideal place for group holidays. Family members will have the option to sleep in private bedrooms of the villa while all meetings can be carried out in the living room or pool side. You can save on cost per head too, depending on number of family members.

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