Queenly Morocco: Step by Step Guide to Townzilla of Tangier

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Best Guide to Traveling to Tangier in Morocco

People fall in love in mysterious ways

Maybe just the touch of a hand

We are falling in love every single day

I just want to tell you I am….

Doesn’t Ed Sheeran say it all for you? Thinking out loud your dream destination in arms of your beloved and getting to enjoy the best of moments you can ever wish for?

You do have to agree when you visit a foreign land you do get fall in love with the new culture, exciting traditions and what not.

It’s not only the excitement of a whole different place but the idea to explore more, something unseen being unveiled by the ecstatic soul of yours is what makes it all exciting.

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Planning holidays can be a challenge when you are looking for a destination.

I’ve got it summed up for you. Simply choose what you usually won’t.

Create an Adventure Out of Jack’s Box and Come Alive.

Morocco is a high choice these days. And why it wouldn’t be?

With the enhanced tourism heavily invested by the Moroccan government ensuring a good GDP from Morocco’s tourist industry.

Morocco is quickly becoming one of the fastest visited countries in the world and not only because of the active part of the government (their role is indefinite) but the exotic sightseeing cities (rural or urban) are best if you are planning to go on a summer holiday.

Say a Million Times Yes!

Morocco has lots of places to offer, undoubtedly each has its own unique personality trait that makes it distinct in the eyes of tourists.

Tangier is such one of Moroccan cities representing itself in romanticism and hitchhikes for each level of fun.

Historically Tangier was under Roman rule during the 1st century but during the 4th and 5th century it became part of Byzantine Empire, continued its pace in being taken over by the Portuguese later on colonized by British and French forces.

Pretty adhesive isn’t it?  Who could have ever wondered Tangier could be so inter-linked to other countries and cultures.

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What things to Do in Tangier?

Do the undoable. Make that your motto when travelling to Tangier.

You probably have the list to follow up and cover all the things in your to-do-list. But we have assorted some of the best things to do when in Tangier, all you need to do is catch up with the rest assortment of planning.

The first step first! Take a Ferry

Go traditional in Tangier. Travel on the ferry from Tarifa to Tangier and bathe in fresh sea breath and enjoy the calm waters. When visiting Spain, Costa Del Sol, take a step more and enter the mutual gateway of Africa and Europe. Take good selfies or a memory shot and share it on Instagram or make a tweet about it!

Take a Morning Stroll

Rise and shine mates! Hop up and warm up your body for starting the day a bit early. Morning walks are health benefactors for body n mind so keeping your health in mind we decided to make you go on a walk in the cobbled historical streets of Tangier. Make your way to Boulevard Mohammed VI and breathe in the grand view of ancient walls of the city and get to enjoy the richness of Moroccan breakfast on street café just facing the opposite side of Atlantic coastline. It’s freaking amazing!

Reading Much?

Morning walks benefits us from a happy start of the day and with afresh mind why not continue the blissful day at the local library? Or more like a local bookshop filled with the tasty might of history and cultural influences with a wide variety of books to choose from Librairie des Colonnes collection. Author signings are also arranged why not get to meet the author themselves? And get their personal point of view too?

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Keep a Tight Leash on Pocket (or not!)

On a budget to your Morocco holiday? Forget to put your cashbook back into your bag pack! You can’t resist the urge to visit the souks and the goods being sold there. Besides item may cost more than their par value because you are a tourist but hey hassling skills can definitely come in handy at this point. It’s only the souks that are overpriced but the local boutiques offer great quality fabricated designs in Caftans, well hand embroidered will make you select one impulsively.

Blue is My Next Favourite Colour

What is it with the shades of blues in Morocco? Like Chefchaouen (impaled with blues) some part of Tangier can be dissected into the same category.

If in the mood for some cuppa visit Café Hafa, with its blue lined walls and well-reversed ambiance of the early ’90s is perfect to enjoy a high tea and you can interview the locals there too. Owners are extremely generous with their tales and it’s a picturesque moment.

Some Piece of U.S

American legacy is put on display as American Legation Museum consisting of historic artifacts and a research library holding onto such priceless treasure over the past number of years will help you learn of old days.

This museum is the representation of U.S and Morocco going hand in hand with centuries tagging along. It will only cost you 20 dirhams to get a ticket to enter the museum and is totally worth the price and the time.

Historical notions bring people together, marking its way as to how people used to co-exist before and creating an example of their own now.

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Get a Spiritual Guidance

St. Andrew’s church is located in Tangier’s proximity, it has its own personal garden and cemetery where you can go for a quiet after walk after the sermon. It’s old and yet got the same taste of beauty it beheld in its earlier days. And it’s an easy walk back to old medina so you can plan your day accordingly.

Holidays don’t only need to sound like a daily routine platform. It can be simply filled with easy day to day interests especially if it’s your first time in Morocco.

Birds of flock fly together, and well that’s how we do our simple and comfortable journey plan in Tangier. Keep it simple and steady and you are good to go.

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