Having Ride at Hot Weather? Learn How To Protect Car This Summer!

Ride at Hot Weather

The summer is near and it is time to pack and go out of the city. Where to? Florida is rather popular destination for all American tourists. People are ready to spend money for BMW rental in Miami to get to the legendary Miami Beach. Want to look cool? Try Chrysler for rent hourly! The temperature is rising and all roads lead to the South! Nevertheless, hot temperature can be harmful for you and even for your car. Of course, it is very comfortable to live in the hotel room with an air conditioner. Heated car can cause many troubles on your way. What to do? How to protect your car from OVERHEATING?



Car exterior is the most attackable part of the auto. When the weather is hot, try to avoid parking it under the sun for long time. It is not a problem to find a parking spot or garage. Also, this is the way to protect car paint, tyres, and keep the cabin temperature normal. That’s why indoor garage is the best variant to leave your vehicle. If there are no garages, try to park your car in shade. By the way, you can try waxing to protect your car exterior from UV harsh rays.


It is very important to protect your car interior from the hot temperature as you want to feel comfortable inside. As it was told before, leaving your auto in the sun for a long time, you create a stench and closeness of the cabin. Leather interior, floor mats, everything becomes hot and often dusty. Protecting your car from a high temperature, don’t forget to clean it regularly. Looking for a good car for a beach trip, try to avoid business class and luxury cars. Their rich interior are not easy to clean. Intercity traveling needs mini cars so that you will never have problems with parking.


Air conditioner is a MUST in the auto in Miami. Of course, it is not about the car protection. It rather helps you and your passengers to feel comfortable during the trip. Of course, nobody likes when the temperature goes up to 45 degrees. But you will meet such a temperature in some parts of the country. Check the auto conditioner before you rent a car. It needs to be serviced properly. And remember, pay much attention to old vintage cars. The older your rental car is, the more attention and care it usually takes.

Car Inspection

What does it mean? It means that your car should be checked in all levels, exterior, interior, engine, transmission, fueling, oiling, cooling, filters. Of course, the car is taken for rent so that you may not know everything about its characteristics. But you should ask or learn it from the rental website. If you see something is wrong with your car, try to inform your rental company about it and ask for another one.

Car Tyres

The auto tires are always face the attack of a heated road. People usually don’t care about the tires condition. But this part of your auto is always under the pressure. It can be dangerous to have the car tyres under- or over-inflated. Of course, you are not responsible for the car tyres, but you may check their condition. You should know that the car tyres are recommended to change every five years and 60 000 km run. So, be careful when you rent old vintage cars and drive carefully at a high speed.


As a rule, batteries are losing more charge in summer than in winter. It’s all about the unbearably hot weather. It can shorten the buttery’s life a lot. Also, try to keep the buttery always clean and detach the cable for the period when you don’t drive. Before you take a car for rent, check the battery and wires for any cracks and damages. Of course, if you don’t have a battery in your car, you don’t need to think about it. Nevertheless, traveling through America, you may notice how popular the electric cars are. That’s so great that people began to take care of their environment.

The hot weather is near here. So, you have to read this information as fast as possible and take into account. Definitely, the car is not yours and you shouldn’t take care of it the whole year. But, as a responsible driver, you HAVE TO LEARN everything about car driving in summer. Why? First of all, you are responsible for the rental car during the period of rental. Secondly, you should check the car characteristics and its real condition before rental. This is the way to avoid unexpected fees and wasting money for a damaged car. And also, this is your chance to make your summer ride maximum comfortable for your passengers.

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