Marine Life Photography – Guide to Taking The Best Underwater Photos

Marine Life Photography - Guide to Taking The Best Underwater Photos

If you love snorkeling as a marine life enthusiast or you are a deep sea diver as a professional scuba diver, spending time underwater is a magical experience. Apart from having fun in the water, you can capture those beautiful moments with your camera. However, marine life photography isn’t as simple as it seems. 

Similar to other photography niches, underwater photography comes with various kinds of challenges. Whether you take your camera underwater for the first time or you started capturing marine life pictures a few months ago, renowned underwater photographers have some proven tips to improve your skills. 

How To Capture Stunning Underwater Pictures

Photography underwater can be a little overwhelming. From getting the right camera and underwater photography equipment to learning the best methods in capturing a picture, there are many things that you need to remember when you are planning a trip to the deep blue sea. Below are some essential things to remember and apply to capture beautiful shots 

  • Get Comfortable Underwater

One of the most important steps in capturing stunning images of marine life is to be comfortable underwater. When you go diving there is a lot to take in and it can be overwhelming at times.  You are scuba diving to see beautiful marine life but it is important not to get distracted and make sure you pay attention to your dive equipment first and then your camera.  To create a balance between diving and underwater photography, first make sure you are fully comfortable underwater.  

  • Get The Right Equipment

Marine life photography isn’t only about getting the best camera and then going diving. There are various kinds of equipment that you need to get the perfect shot. According to many experienced marine life photographers, it is not necessary to get the most expensive gear to begin with. A compact camera with manual settings is capable of capturing high-quality pictures underwater. Apart from that, you can have a wide-angle lens to get larger subjects and a macro lens for smaller ones. 

  • Practice Before Getting Started 

When you are first starting in underwater photography, it is a good idea to practice taking those first shots in shallower waters. This will give you the opportunity to learn and control your camera along with your dive equipment. This will give you a safe environment to know about your camera’s limitations and settings that are needed to capture the perfect underwater photos. Before getting into the water at any time, ensure that your camera’s battery doors are sealed. 

  • Move Close To Subject 

In all kinds of photography niches, patience is the key to get that beautiful shot. To capture stunning underwater pictures of sea life, you need to ensure that you are shooting with a high-quality camera that enables you to get a  close up of your subject without scaring it away, giving the opportunity to capture small details.. 

  • Choose Lens Before The Dive

Unlike other photography niches, the right underwater photography guide won’t suggest you keep multiple camera lenses with you during your underwater photography expedition. You cannot change the lens when you are in the water but you can screw on a macro or wide angle lens

  • Don’t Harass Marine Life

Although most marine life feels safe around humans, approaching some sea creatures quickly or trying to touch them can stress these creatures out. Remember that your marine life behavior photography tour is to capture the beauty of marine life and not to disturb it. So, it is good to stay a little away from marine life while taking pictures so you don’t scare the creatures by trying to swim quickly towards them. 

In The End

Whether you are a sea life enthusiast or professional photographer, marine life photography is a creative outlet. You experience many moments underwater that you want to describe to the world through your pictures. To make them impactful, use the right techniques and the best equipment. When necessary,  hire a company offering services associated with sea life photography if it is out of your capabilities

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