How to get a work visa to Canada?

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To get the temporary work permit to Canada, an employer from this country needs to sponsor you. There are generally these steps to this process which includes an employer applying for LMIA on your behalf. When he is granted the same, you can get the work permit to Canada. However, first, the application for the work permit has to be made once the LMIA has been granted.

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Atlantic immigration pilot program

There is however one job and immigration scheme where there is no need for a work permit. This job and immigration scheme is known as the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program. It has the 4 participating provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Prince Edward Island.

As per this program, the employee is handed over an Offer of Employment to a foreign national form which must contain his signatures. After his employment is confirmed, he can contact a Settlement Service provider to formulate his settlement plan. Let’s get to know how to get a work visa to Canada?

There are three programs which have been categorized as per this immigration stream:

High skilled: This program requires someone to be 12th pass to be able to immigrate. Apart from that, he must have employment chosen for him too in one of the 4 provinces.

Intermediate skilled: He must have been chosen for a job here.

International graduate: He must have passed out with a degree from an Atlantic institute. He must have lived in any of these 4 provinces as a part of his education for at least 16 months in the previous 2 years. Unlike the previous 2 classes, there is no work experience required for this class.

Once you submit the settlement plan to the province after getting selected by a employer in the 4 provinces, you get a certificate of endorsement which is useful in applying for a work permit and a PR. The visa aspirant must have language skills. These language skills prove that he is fit enough for the job. These test results must require you to have a score of CLB4. Without this much language score, you are not eligible for the program. The test results must also be updated.  Being selected under the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program is beneficial because your spouse gets the work rights in Canada too once you are shortlisted.

As far as Atlantic immigration pilot program is concerned, you can get to Canada through having enough evidence of funds which can be useful to take care of you. This fund requirement is taken depending on the number of family members, even those who are not coming to Canada with you. For example,evenif you leaving your wife behind and immigrating on this program, you need to show a fund requirement of 3,943 CAD.

Going to Canada with an LMIA

However in case, the employer has a temporary work requirement, he can provide the employee with an LMIA. He can use this for the application of a temporary work permit. These are ways through how you can work in Canada.

All this is the information about how  to get a work visa in Canada.

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