Basic Health Tips for Hajj and Umrah

Online Health Tips for Hajj and Umrah
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The first concern before leaving for Hajj and Umrah should be the health of a person. If you are physically and medically fit, to be a responsible global citizen, you then should head towards the Holy Mecca and Medina for the performance of Hajj or Umrah. The fact is that people come for Umrah and Hajj from across the globe, so the breaking of the viral and infectious diseases is much possible. In addition to this, the weather of Saudi Arabia might not be the same as the pilgrim’s homeland, so keep your health in the center of your attention. To some extent it is somehow in your hands, considering the given tips would help you take your great care.

8 Hajj and Umrah Health Tips for Self-Care

Let’s have a look on the 8 most important Hajj and Umrah health tips for self-care

Weather is Important to know about

You can divide the three places to know the difference in the temperatures. If your first place is Jeddah so it is on the coastal line of the Red Sea. You will find a more humid condition in Summers with high temperatures. In winters, you will find a good temperature with less humidity. For this, you have to look for the hotels with proper air conditioning. It will keep the room temperature normal. The thing to do is to keep your body temperature at normal, take a lot of water. Consume lots of Salads and fresh fruit during your stay in Saudi Arabia. When you feel it is important, take a shower to keep yourself fresh. Try to wear clothes which can escape you from moisture.

Mecca is quite different, it is not exactly on the coast so you will see so little vegetation and dry conditions there. You will get high temperatures and no rains in Mecca plan the visiting hours in the evening and nights. Keep yourself in the cool places in the day time, wear light clothes and take a shower. While in Medina would have a different experience. This area is almost 150km from the coastal areas, you can say a little beautiful Oasis surrounds the great Desert. Temperature doesn’t go as high as in Mecca and Jeddah. The climate is still hot and dry, you have to take your good care in Medina especially in Summers. Winters of Media are cool.

Don’t Forget the Basic Medical travel Kit to Keep

It is the most important thing to keep. A medical kit having medicines like paracetamol, Anti Allergic, bandages, antiseptic would help you in an emergency situation. It might have prescribed quick reactor medicine for the patients of High blood pressure, Diabetes.

Escape from the Transmissible Diseases?

Seasonal Flu-like diseases largely affect a person while in Mecca and Medina because there are a lot of people from  all over the world settled at the place for performing Hajj or Umrah. There is a possibility of any break of disease in such a situation. You should keep yourself safe from more interactions. Get an antidote course which will immunize you to fight against all the odd diseases.

Use a Mask

If you think that you are not well during the performance of Hajj or Umrah, your responsibility here is to wear the mask so the disease can’t move further. Don’t get out of your settlement if not compulsory, this is for you and the other people performing Pilgrimage.

Drink Quality Water

In Saudi Arabia, Zam Zam water is considered the holy water so it is mostly consumed because it is free of cost. Drinking a good amount of water in warm weather conditions is important for good health. While performing Umrah or Hajj, you have to be careful of the amount of water you are consuming and if the water is of better quality or not. Truly said that the care is better than cure, drinking safe water can escape you from a sore throat, stomachache, infections and much more. Use disposable bottles and glasses to make the health security sure. Use an adequate amount of clean water during your sacred journey of Hajj Umrah, that is necessary.

For Diabetes Patients

If you are a diabetic patient and going to perform Hajj or Umrah, no worry at all. To keep your sugar level in control, you can accomplish with every of your prayer very easily. You Just have o be careful about the food and medicine. If you are taking a balanced diet and medicine regularly, there would not be any problem you will have to face in Saudi Arabia. Keep an eye on the tea, juices, cold drinks, these things are not safe for you so please avoid them. The hotel management should be told to make the food keeping in view that you are a diabetic patient and can’t afford any recklessness. Keep the apparatus with you in a medical kit or in your bag to keep your sugar level checked daily.

Don’t Ignore if High Blood Pressure Complications

Your BP must be well controlled. You should start visiting your doctor a month before your departure for Hajj/Umrah. The proper examination and your settlement with the prescribed medication are important. Uncertainty in the Blood pressure during the Hajj/Umrah voyage can cause a great disturbance in prayers. Keeping the BP apparatus along is also necessary. It is recommended that be very careful while taking foods in Saudi Arabia. You will have to inform the hotel management that you will be taking the balanced food made for diabetic patients. Avoid spices and things cause an increase in cholesterol or BP. Keep checking your Blood pressure on a regular basis during your stay there.

Asthma May cause Trouble, Control It

If you are an Asthma patient, get control over it as soon as possible. Get in touch with your physician and let him prescribe you a medicine to control in normal and bad conditions. People coming from around the globe may have this disease and high risk of its breaking is there. Keep inhalers and medicines along to tackle the problem on destination.

Other than these some health concerns, there are a lot of things yet to be addressed. We wish you very good health to be performing your Umrah/Hajj with lesser difficulties.

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