Exploring Rishikesh On A Motorbike

Exploring Rishikesh On A Motorbike

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Zooming Away: Exploring Rishikesh On A Motorbike

Drifting through the wind, while the air makes all your hair fly and your soul gets touched by the holiness of Rishikesh! Doesn’t this sound absolutely dreamy and beautiful. The small scared town of Rishikesh is marred with a paradisiacal setting, which is perfect for all kinds of adventure sports like trekking, camping, and even rafting. But, the most startling way to zip past this marvelous town is by exploring it by a private motorbike.

With the clean air hitting your face and the effervescent aroma of flowers filling your lungs, you will feel at another level as you ride your motorbike across the rivers, and past the lush green trees omnipresent in this town.

Rishikesh is famous for its bike tours and you will find several affordable private bike tour rentals in every sorbet of the town.

The experience is absolutely magical and in a queer way spiritual also.

But, what exactly and why exactly should you hop on a bike and explore this wonderful city?

Local All The Way

Being on a bike allows you to travel like a local. You will be able to stay like a local, feel like a local and even ride like a local. This will help you understand and experience the local culture of the town, as you will be able to ride the unexplored and remote regions hoping to find something new.  You can also travel to different agricultural areas and see how the locals get by, and how they farm and what they harvest. This will help you understand the culture and the place in a different way.

The Emotional Connect

When you are traveling by a private car or other modes of transport, it is not really you who is traversing through the great unknowns. But when you go on your own, riding a bike, you are the one who is responsible for finding the places by yourself, and figuring out where to go. As the days pass, you will find yourself developing a wonderful emotional attachment to the roads you traveled on, as if the city was your own. Such an attachment is not possible when someone else is the driver.


When you are on your own private bike you don’t have to follow someone else’s schedule and choices, you are your own master. Stop wherever you want, eat wherever you want and go wherever you want. That is the kind of freedom you will have. You can also just hop out and click wonderful pictures whenever you want.

The Picturesque Views

When you are on a bike you will be able to witness some of the most breathtaking views ever. You will be right under the open sky, as you pass through the gorgeous sprawling green hills and the serene azure lakes. It is the most humbling and astounding experience ever.

Take The Road Less Travelled

The best part about riding a bike is the freedom it gives you to go traverse the off beaten and unexplored path. It allows you to take full control and go through areas never traveled before. You just need to take the road less traveled and you will find yourself in a whole another bike. You just stop at the blue lake that no one visited before, or at that rustic village beyond the hills and in the midst of the forest. The possibilities are endless.

It’s Cost Efficient

Renting a motorbike is actually extremely cheap and easily affordable. It is actually the most cost-efficient way to travel to the city. You just need to rent a tour and pay for the fuel, and off you go.

A motorbike trip is usually around 15 to 20 dollars as per the route itinerary and plus gasoline. It is the best deal for all that choose the adventure bike tour.

The Most Traveled Route

If you do opt to take a motorbike in Rishikesh, then it will take you about four hours to visit the major tourist sites.

Given below is a suggested route for your expedition which encompasses all the major spots in Rishikesh:

Start off at the famous suspension bridge called the Lakshman Jhula and shop at the market right next to it. The head to the 13 story temple called the Trayambakeshwar temple. After finishing this area move to Ram Jhula, another bridge similar to the Lakshman Jhula. This is where you will find several famous and huge Ashrams. Ride to the Bharat Temple which is situated at the core of the town, and finish off your day by visiting the Triveni Ghat in the evening to witness the baffling Ganga Aarti.

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