Exploring Meghalaya – Best Traveling Guide to Meghalaya

Exploring Meghalaya

Best Places to Things to Do in Meghalaya

Meghalaya has always been on my bucket list of places to visit. I was instantly enamored by the idea of visiting this place when I found out it was also called “The Abode of Clouds”. Such an intriguing name! Last month, I finally got to check off Meghalaya off my bucket list and this magnificent state offered more than I could ever have imagined. I reached Guwahati and had my itinerary I prepared for myself ready to be put to action. After availing a safe taxi service in Guwahati, I headed off to my accommodation to freshen up and begin with what was going to be the best journey of my life!

Entering Meghalaya

The first step was getting to Shillong. The cab fare from Guwahati to Shillong was reasonable, and it took just three hours to reach there. The hilly terrain, curvy-turvy roads, and the absolute magnificence of the Himalayas outside the window already consumed me.

Shillong Peak

Upon reaching Shillong, I immediately headed towards the Shillong Peak, which I wanted to trek. I had seen many pictures of the aesthetically simulating sceneries from this peak and wanted to give it a peek myself. The trek was amazing with cold air, clouds covering the mountain, and breathtaking scenery. The scenery around was better in real-life.

Dawki Town

After climbing down the mountain, the next place I headed to in my cab was Dawki Town. I had heard of this crystal clear river in this area a while ago and wanted to see how crystal clear it actually was. Again, the commute there was filled with amazing sceneries and roads. Dawki Town turned out to be the best-maintained city that I have ever been to. The locals respecting nature, keeping everything clean, and being in touch with their surroundings spiritually genuinely makes this place nature’s paradise.

After being baffled by the city, I went to see the river, and couldn’t believe what I saw in front of my eyes. The river was gushing with emerald and crystal clear water, which was so clear that even the riverbed, which was very deep, was visible to my naked eyes. This experience somehow got even better as I took a boat ride through this water and it kept giving me goosebumps throughout the time.


I always read about this place in my GK books in school as the wettest place on earth. I headed to Cherrapunji the next day, and witnessed the reason for the name its been given. Constant pours of showers made this place special. There were many waterfalls here that were grand and remarkable to witness. But this place was only the appetizer, and the next location on my list was the main course.

Khasi Hills

One thing that anyone can take away from Meghalaya if they ever visit the state is that nature and humans exist together and encourage each others’ growth. Khasi Hills is the most exemplary example of this. I got to witness Living Root Bridges, which were heart-stirring to witness. A perfect blend of the ingenuity of men and nature’s wonders, these bridges are made by training the roots of the rubber trees to grow that way. All of these Living Root Bridges were magnificent, but the best one of them was the Umshiang Double-Decker Bridge, which took a 5-hour trek to reach but was worth every drop of sweat. This nature’s wonder is a double-decked bridge made out of roots of the trees with two levels. It looked something straight out of a magical land in a fantasy novel.

I headed back to Shillong to take some rest after visiting all of these differently spectacular places to take a night’s rest, and headed to Guwahati to catch my flight back, taking back some of the best experiences fo my life.

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