Czech Republic Vs Croatia: Perfect Places To Visit In 2021

Both these international locations were larger than they’re now. Both of them lie on the Eastern side of Europe. Both are genuinely astonishing, and large traveler draws.

On the one hand, you have the cosmopolitan enchantment of Prague. Steeped in records, bursting on the seams with one brilliant showpiece after every other herbal or man-made. Prague is deservingly one of the most famous visitor destinations within the globe. On the opposite, you’ve got one of the oldest cities in Europe with Zagreb. Toughened with times, but preserving that fragile balance of cultural class coupled with industrial power, Zagreb doesn’t disappoint. Then you have got the lands of Moravia in Czech Republic and Dubrovnik in Croatia – both beckoning you with their wondrous vistas.

Sometimes, it’s not possible to decide which to pick out. So, whether you were planning to visit a single place or both. Both are fulfilled with lots of fun and memorable places that make your trip awesome. So, get ready to have a blast over these places. Just visit the official site and get the avianca airlines reservations to reach these beautiful places easily and start exploring it on your own.

So, right here’s how Czech Republic and Croatia measure up. We’ll permit you to make a decision about which one’s winner.

Czech Republic


Very few who’ve been to Prague as soon as wouldn’t profess the desire to visit once more, and again. That is the charm that emanates from this culturally rich, historically profound town that spans 1100 years of Bohemian and Roman history. Its diverse culture stems from a grand profile throughout each of the Gothic and Renaissance eras. 

Turning corners in Prague brings you to visit with numerous exclusive a long time of subculture and structure, spanning a thousand years of evolving artwork paperwork that has long gone down within the history books as masterpieces of aesthetics. 

From the many cathedrals and castles strewn throughout its lands to sophisticated works along with the Charles Bridge, from cutting-edge artwork homesteads like the Giant Metronome to the recollections of Franz Kafka in his home and cemetery. Prague is a town that exudes a delicate fragility, tempered with the anvils of history.


A worthier foil to Prague could not be observed.

The easternmost province within the Czech Republic, Moravia is the diametric contrary of Prague in numerous approaches. From its glistening vineyards to its Jewish Quarter telling tales of horrors in human history.

From the museums of Brno to the charming structure of Olomouc – there’s a motive why Moravia is a UNESCO-protected Heritage Site. Do make the effort out to check out the Thaya River Valley, an old fashioned border metropolis providing surprising perspectives of the horizon.

How to Get There

Prague is actually a busy hub for worldwide tourism so that you’d be nicely recommended to e-book your price ticket, if viable, multiple months earlier. The usual suspects perform between India and Czech Republic and these consist of Lufthansa, Aeroflot, Turkish Airlines, Air France, Etihad Airways, and British Airways. If you want to book your holiday trip, please read below.



Looked at from a vantage factor, Dubrovnik resembles a lego constructing – with orange-roofed homes jutting out in definitely chaotic rows overlooking the Adriatic Sea. Nicknamed ‘the Pearl of the Adriatic’. Dubrovnik is surely one of the most wonderful cities to visit across the Mediterranean. 

Presenting a nice orange contrast to the clear blue skies overhead and the good-sized emerald ocean that lies past – Dubrovnik is a sightseer’s paradise. From cobblestone streets to gothic church buildings, royal palaces, and the Old Town, resplendent with historical jewels – there’s in order that a good deal visit here. 

If you can tear yourself far from the stunning locales that offer picture-best moments, this is. Once you’re accomplished sightseeing, ensure you locate your feet to the beaches of Banje and Lapad, and the island of Lokrum.


Apart from being the capital of Croatia, Zagreb additionally occurs to be the oldest and biggest city in the united states. Dating back till the second century AD, Zagreb is full of historical structure and landmark sites that tell a rich story of Croatian history. 

If you want to path your manner via the historic zone, wander off in the Upper Town which is filled to the brim with medieval towers, church buildings, forts, and cobblestone paths main thru the relics that were once the cultural, academic and army seats of having an impact on inside the country.

How to Get There

Croatia may not have as many flights operating from India as France however it’s far getting there. You shouldn’t have a problem booking a flight because Aeroflot, Swiss Airlines, Lufthansa and British Airways make normal trips there. Book in advance and do avail discounts at the same time as flying right here. If you want to book your flight ticket. Just visit the british airways official site and get your booking done now at very reasonable rates.

Last words 

Both countries have their very own strengths, their very own specialties. By way of costs, there’s now not plenty to choose from, as is obvious. I think it comes all the way down to your personal proclivities. What greater appeals to you – the cultured beauty of Prague, like a wildflower in iciness’s kickback, or the grizzled textures of Zagreb. start planning now and visit for a perfect holiday trip

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