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Cheapest Cities to Stay in Europe

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Cheap Holiday Destinations in Europe

Travel can be an inexpensive experience if you do it correctly. Museums and galleries are often free, parks and historic cities, castles offer plenty of options for to amuse yourself, and there are top class options to eat and drink on a budget, either you’re after a Moroccan tagine or classic British cafe fare.

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An examination by observed at the cost of travel to 20 popular endpoints, and also included the price of food, drink; performing and lodging when you’re there. The study used data from 1.2million travelers aged 16 to 30 when they were on holiday.

  • Prague

The Bulgarian capital, Sofia, derived out as the inexpensive place for a weekend in Europe, costing just £122.45 per person for the weekend. And close behind comes Prague at £188.57 for a whole weekend. The city is full of clubs and beer is the main part of this city. You can even take shower in the stuff in the town’s spas. Visit at the four-star Panorama Guesthouse Prague for £68 per night for two people.

  • Berlin

Berlin is one of the world’s clubbing capitals, but the city also offers a historical background and culture. Always good for clubbing, Berlin is the perfect place to fly for if you need fancy and a cheap break away and want to party hard.

Moreover, forward to leafy Kreuzberg in the summer for beers by the river, or rooftop Klunkerkranich for drinks of an evening, before going out to a techno club. But the cities also one for history buffs, too. From the Berlin Wall and Checkpoint Charlie to the East Side Gallery, there’s something for everyone to capture in Germany’s capital.  You can stay at the InterCity Hotel Berlin Hauptbahnhof for £98 per night for a double.

  • Warsaw

Warsaw’s architecture is a merger of Gothic and collectivist. Warsaw is informal on the eye, and you’ll love the architecture, from Gothic to communist, which shows the city’s history. Furthermore, the capital of Poland is also a decent place for foodies.

You need to make sure to check out the nation’s stews and dumplings while you’re there. Milestones that you’ll need to check out contain the Royal Castle beside the Market Square. Break at the sustainable Radisson Blu Sobieski for £83 per night for a double.

  • Bratislava, Slovakia

The capital of Slovakia, Bratislava is occupied with cobbled streets and Baroque architecture. The banks of the Danube River remain green whereas the city itself is an urban jungle. People can eat their way through the city without leaving out as the average lunch price and drinks costs around £5.

  • Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, the capital of Hungary, has been stated to as one of the inexpensive cities in Europe. In addition to this, it has a beautiful cathedral; visitors can wander through the streets and cafes, lounge in the thermal baths and dine on incredible food without paying much money.

  • Kraków, Poland

Gathering legacy and attraction, Kraków is increasing crowed day by day. The Old Town is full of imposing architecture and historic buildings while Wawel Castle is at the highest of the list for the popular of tourists, governing charm across the rest of the city.

  • Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade, Serbia is located in southeast Europe; it is the capital of Serbia. Referred to “as the city that never sleeps” the city is full of busy bars, restaurants, and clubs. Having only increased independence in 2006, Serbia offers a very inexpensive living. It is similarly home-based to one of the eldest, and largest, Conventional churches in the world.

  • Bremen, Germany

Bremen is one of the inexpensive cities in Germany and is more reasonable than the mainstream of its neighboring countries according to The Travel Intern. The city is insignificant but is occupied with heretical architecture, cafes, and restaurants – all inside a budget price range.

  • Athens, Greece

At the heart of Ancient Greece, the city of Athens has concerned visitors for years. Rich in history, visitors can spoil in the cities heritage while enjoying the delightful Greek culture. With a host of inexpensive events and low-cost attractions; a weekend in Athens does not need to cost the earth.

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