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places to visit in auli

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Tour of Auli Adventures for an Unforgettable Experience

When it comes to making your holiday trip more special and interesting, then undoubtedly going for trekking and skiing is the best options, right?

If so, then why don’t you consider Auli tourism?

Yes, Auli is one of the popular hill resorts where you can enjoy your adventures to the core and help you to enjoy your day even more exciting. It is very famous tourist destinations in India and is situated in the Himalayan range. Simple in words, Auli is generally known as “magnificent paradise” and it is a perfect place for the newly married couples, camping and so on. Make use of this article and get to know more about Auli Tourism.

Get ready to explore the beauty of Auli:

Auli is located in Uttarakhand. Right from Joshimath, the ideal place is located at 16km distance. In addition, the place is popularly known as “white paradise”. The white snow and hilly mountains make the Auli so special and popular. The slopes are nearly 9000 feet above the ground sea level.

Moreover, winter months are the best time to enjoy the nature of Auli. And also, you can enjoy even throughout the year. As a whole, those who are waiting to enjoy adventures, then without any delay go with the Auli.

And also, it is like a rare place and you can enjoy a unique charm in every season. In the middle winter months, you will expect plenty of snow and it is perfect to enjoy your trekking and skiing. Though the temperature may fall under zero level, Auli never fails to delight every tourist who comes here.

On the other hand, there are so many places to visit in Auli and it is the perfect destinations to enjoy sightseeing options. If you reach the Auli in the winter months, then surely you will witness extensive snowfall and climate stays lovely.

Best places to visit in Auli:

  • Artificial lake

It is the highest artificial lake and it is created by the man. And also, it is the worth place to visit ever. Once you have visited this wonderful place, then surely you will cherish the beauty of the place in your rest of life. Finally, it is the best place to enjoy your trekking.

  • Joshimath

It is the trekking path to reach Badrinath. On the way to go, you will witness its original beauty and sure you can enjoy this place with your friends greatly. It is the perfect hotspot to perform adventures activities like trekking, camping and so on.

  • Nanda Devi Peak

Auli is located between huge hill stations and so makes gives you a beautiful look. On seeing the overall view of this peak, then surely you will receive a unique experience. It is the place where you can explore and discover the original beauty of flora and fauna. On the way to go this peak, you will come to see huge things like deodar, pine, trees of oak, conifer plus much more. It is situated at a height of 7,817 distances from the sea level.

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