Affordable Accommodation Options for People Traveling in India

Affordable Accommodation Options at Traveling TIme

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Tips for Finding Budget Accommodations in India

India is the land of a diverse culture. From the holiness and tranquility of Himalayas to the ancient temples and beaches of Chennai, one can find a wide range of places to visit while on a vacation in India. However, the most strenuous thing about traveling in India is finding reliable accommodation.

Of course, the country is filled with hotels and resorts, but while backpacking in this country, one would usually want to stay in an affordable yet reliable place. 

This is when other accommodation options come into the picture. Though it may sound a bit hard to digest, but the travel culture in the country has completely transformed in the past couple of years. Today India houses a wide range of accommodation options, ranging from affordable hostels for backpackers to guest houses and homestays for a slightly fancier stay. 

People traveling with their friends and family can look for exotic villas or serviced apartments, equipped with all the desired amenities, helping them enjoy their vacation while having access to all the creature comforts. Since these serviced apartments are not too expensive, one can enjoy their vacation without burning a hole in the pocket.  

Furthermore, in this blog post, we are going to share a list of several other affordable accommodation options in India. Whether you are planning to backpack across the country or want to spend some quality time with family, continue reading, the following list will familiarize you with some of the best accommodations at affordable prices in India. 

So, without any further ado, let’s start the list. 

Serviced Apartments

If you are planning a family vacation, nothing beats the comfort and affordability of a serviced apartment. Though the culture of serviced apartments is fairly new in the country, they have gained significant popularity in a very short time period. 

Serviced apartments are like regular apartments with all the basic features coupled with the reliability of a hotel. It means that you get all the required amenities to stay in comfort along with a 24×7 room service. 

However, the thing that separates serviced apartments from hotels is the ample amount of space they offer. Unlike a hotel, you don’t have to stack everyone in one room. A serviced apartment has separate bedrooms, a dedicated kitchen, living room, and if that’s not enough, an entertainment section as well. 

Here are some of the advantages of staying in a serviced apartment. 

  • Since you have a dedicated kitchen, with all the essential utensils, you can cook your own food. Having a kitchen becomes extremely beneficial, especially when you start missing the home-made food. 
  • While living in a serviced apartment, the entire family can enjoy their vacation in comfort. Having separate rooms makes it easier for people to get the required rest after a hectic day of exploring the city. 
  • Serviced apartments are equipped with all the creature comforts one requires to enjoy the vacation, starting from laundry to entertainment units. 


Like serviced apartments, hostels are a comparatively new trend in India as well. However, considering the affordable price hostels offer, they have become a popular accommodation option, especially for backpackers and budget travelers. 

Though you don’t get the facilities of a hotel, you can book hostels at an extremely reasonable price. Moreover, you also get to hang with other backpackers and like-minded people, which is what most of the backpacker seek on their odyssey. 

In northern India, one can find a plethora of hostels, where one can stay by paying a very minimum amount. Moreover, since the majority of these hostels have rooms on a sharing basis, one can connect and make friends with strangers as well. 

If you are on a backpacking trip to India and want to stay in an affordable place, hostels are the right option. 


Home-stays are probably the most reliable and convenient accommodation option in India. Basically, these are the places run by locals who have turned a portion of their home into a hotel. It means that you get all the essential features while getting familiar with the local culture of the place at the same time.   

Home-stays are another suitable accommodation option for travelers who want to enjoy the taste of the local culture of a particular place. You can stay with locals, experience their culture & traditions, and enjoy the local cuisines.

Moreover, home-stays also fall under the category of affordable accommodation options which means you can enjoy your stay without burning a hole in your pocket.

Guest Houses

India is one of the countries where the trend of guest houses has been there for decades. The guest houses replicate regular hotel rooms, except for the fanciness you get in a hotel. Such places only have basic facilities which are required by the person on a daily basis. 

Guest houses are a suitable option for people who are planning a quick trip to a different city. For instance, if you want to go to a different city for a day or two, guesthouses are the right accommodation option for people. 


The travel culture in India is transforming at a very sudden pace. A decade ago, there was hardly a second accommodation option for people, apart from hotels. However, today one can browse through a wide range of accommodation options and book the best place which suits their budget and requirements. The above-mentioned list explains some of the most reliable and best Service apartments Chennai as affordable accommodation options in India. Book any of these accommodations and choose the best place for your vacation/travel plans.

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