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How to Login WordPress – Admin Panel Use of WordPress

When once WordPress has been installed on your web server, you can easily access your WordPress login page from two different URLs.

WordPress Login URL

The First way to access your WordPress login URL will be in this format:

http://your domain/wp-login.php

For Exmaple:

You can also login from

http://your domain/wp-admin

For Example:

Here’s third option also available for user. You can easily change login path according your requirement that you want. In WordPress that’s option also available for user for security reason.


For instance, for another WordPress establishment, you can visit or to login. It may be useful on the off chance that you bookmark your site’s login URL.

From your WordPress login screen, you’ll enter the username and secret key that you set up amid the WordPress establishment process.

On the off chance that you’ve overlooked your WordPress login secret key, you can tap the “Lost Your watchword?” connection to recover it through email.

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