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WPLMS: WordPress Education Themes

This article is a hand-picked collection of all the top WPLMS  WordPress  Education Themes which are basically designed for universities, colleges, schools, online courses, and other education-related websites. 

Once a very successful person said that a pen, a pencil, and a paper has the ability to change the entire world and for that all you need is education.

Education can be seen as the most powerful weapon to change the entire world. Nowadays people are spending a huge amount of money on education. But online education system can bring a very big change in our education system by which we can minimize the cost which we usually spend on education.

WPLMS allows you to create your own online learning management system easily with no stress.

WPLMS stands for WordPress Learning Management System. It act as the source or medium to run your courses online so that one can provide education through the internet. Basically, it is designed for the elearning system whose main aim is to deliver study material, quizzes, assignments to students, and manage their records, etc.

Features of WPLMS:

  • To manage the accounts of teachers, students details and roles
  • To manage the course details and structure
  • To track a student’s attendance and online assessment.
  • To give feedback to the user

Top WPLMS- WordPress education themes are

  1. Education WP

  2. EduPro

  3. Newspaper

  4. Academia

  5. Masterstudy

These are some of the best WPLMS-WordPress education themes but we will now discuss them.

  • Education WP:

It is a WordPress Theme for which you don’t need coding language for creating your website, you don’t need any web development experts for creating the website. If you want to make something special which is dedicated to learning then you can use Education WP make an excellent website.

Users can easily access the content from their smartphones, tablets, laptops, or desktop computers. It is compatible with LearnPress, which is basically a learning management system on WordPress. It is a highly customizable and user-friendly tool.it allows students to find blog posts or courses in a matter of seconds. It is a very effective tool because it showcases different sections, courses, and Quizzes. Students can submit their tasks after finishing. By installing this theme you can save your $250 because this theme comes with various premium features without adding any extra charge. If you have any queries related to it then you can also contact WordPress Support for help.

  • EduPro:

It is highly effective and efficient WPLMS theme which is used for making functional educational platforms. It is the best tool for schools, universities, language classes, and Professional courses.

You can easily see the courses details, schedules, prices and packages in EduPro. It can add life to your website Presentation with the help of Visual Composer.

EduPro has more than 350 options and elements like engaging sliders, galleries, awesome lightbox, and much more. It is also integrated with Learndash LMS plugins which makes Edupro a functional package. 

It comes with a full package from drip feeds to Quizzes $ assignments.

If someone wants a flexible education WordPress Theme then EduPro is one of the best solutions for them.

  • Newspaper:

Sometimes for busy people blogging is proved to be very challenging. This WordPress Education theme allows you to write blog posts and articles very easily. Moreover, it is the best solution for creating a kindergarten site, a blog for parents and youngsters.

Newspaper supports powerful features like page variation like an unlimited post and page variations, beautiful image slider gallery, video playlists and much more.

It comes with an intelligent Ad system by which monetization becomes a very easy task, and it is also integrated with bbPress Forum, WooCommerce, Instagram, and BuddyPress which makes Newspaper versatile and easy to use.

It has astounding flexibility and tons of custom made premium features to make your website an engaging one. To give your website Efficiency and stability this WPLMS theme is using the best SEO practices.

  • Academia:

Academia is a WordPress support and very effective WPLMS education theme, it is a modern, incredibly sleek and attractive tool. It is mobile friendly, easy to use and customize, resourceful and cleverly structured.

This theme is basically developed as a most youthful, fresh-faced, and cleanly designed toolkit on the market for educational purposes.

No other themes in the market match Academia’s powerful, comprehensive features, intuitive structure, and hierarchy.

Within Academia if you are making any document then you can use each and every feature and perk packed within Academia from the very first day.

It is integrated with WooCommerce which is basically a suite of an e-Commerce plugins helps in the marketing of your products and services. Its utter mobile responsiveness makes Academia one of the most cross-compatible WPLMS education themes on the market today.

  • Masterstudy:

Distance learning or e-learning is very popular nowadays. Developers developed this WPLMS education theme so that teachers could easily create courses with useful content, information and description and earns a profit. Due to the use of Redux Framework this theme offers you a multitude of configuration options.

Masterstudy is fully integrated with Visual Composer that helps you to create a page layout easily. Moreover, this WPLMS theme also helps you to choose between two header options i.e. solid and Transparent header. With the help of this theme, you can also create free and premium courses set prices, and accept payment very easily.

It has a very unique feature i.e. it offers an extended teacher profile template, where you can enter the information about every teacher.

Its review system allows students to leave a review to any course they passed. 

It has a revolution slider that helps you to create stunning slides with awesome animation effects. Now you can share your thoughts and blog very easily With the help of Masterstudy.


In this article, we have discussed some of the most commonly used WPLMS education themes. These themes help you to create your own online courses where you can teach students online with the help of your course and also you can take Quizzes, gave assignments and curriculum to students. You can earn money by running your courses online. I hope the above information is useful and effective for you. 

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