Why Artificial Intelligence is Paramount for Cyber Security

Artificial Intelligence

Major Role of Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security

Widespread implementation of artificial intelligence in cyber security is the need of the hour. As technology develops, so must its applications in different fields. Artificial intelligence and its concepts such as Machine Learning will bring a breakthrough in cyber security in the coming years. We must be prepared to adapt and comply with this change or else we may lose out in the race for security.

Leads of Artificial Intelligence

There are several advantages and solutions provided by artificial intelligence, here are a few of them;

Handling large volumes of Data: in several instances, humans are incapable of scanning and going through large piles of data for reconnaissance. In this case, AI can use its massive computing power to quickly go through data to detect threats and other information much more efficiently than we could. This also allows us to browse and work on other issues or new technology.

Detecting Threats: Artificial intelligence can be developed to detect threats and loopholes in systems which can then be analyzed and fixed. AI can also respond to these threats and create patches for them. Although the technology for an advanced and intricate system of artificial intelligence capable of doing these sophisticated tasks without human intervention is not here yet, we can expect a module in the near future.

Reducing workload: there is a global shortage of cybersecurity experts. While thousands of unseated jobs waiting to be taken is a wonderful opportunity for this booming sector, we are also in need of a vast cyber security force right now. This shortage in manpower can be overcome by artificial intelligence and the existing workload on employees can be vastly reduced. This can also lead to an increase in the quality of services provided.

Preparing for breaches: Hackers are quick to jump to new applications; seeking exploits and breaches in vulnerable systems. In order to defend against malicious hackers, we must upgrade our existing arsenal. Hackers need not wait for companies to upgrade, they anticipate changes in securities and use them to their advantage. Hence, the necessity of taking precautionary measures through AI is evident.

Further technological development: the introduction of any innovation often leads to a revolutionary change. With the influence of artificial intelligence

on cyber security, we can expect security technology to jump to the next level. This progress affects other related sectors as well which leads to overall growth and betterment of privacy.

Conclusion: Artificial intelligence is bound to make its entry into cyber security sooner or later and is expected to bring about fruitful changes along with it. However, it is also necessary to make sure that these developments do not overwhelm us or leave us behind. It is imperative to always be on top of new developments in the market and to have an all-round knowledge of the developing cyber security sector. With this, we can make sure that we are prepared to adapt to any change and also ride on the wave of artificial intelligence.  ~Aditya Raj

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