What is a VPN and what is its importance?

What is a VPN and what is its importance

Every person owning electronic devices such as laptops, PC, etc. should have a basic idea of a VPN or Virtual Private Network. Let us find out and understand how it works. VPN protects your identity by adding a layer of privacy. It encrypts your data over the internet from a device to a network. It ensures that data is transmitted safely. Corporations mostly use it for protection of the sensitive area. However, its usage has increased popularly in recent times. 

Why do you need a VPN?

Almost in the daily news, you will come across news about several emails being hacked, or even an identity or privacy being stolen. Now, this is a widespread issue which many people face. So, you will need to have very tight security in locking your computer. If you have a VPN connection, it will conceal your IP address which will result in getting a different IP address.

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You can also choose your country of origin for the internet connection. And lastly, you can also browse websites which have been blocked by the government. 

VPN for Windows 10

Windows 10 is the most popularly used operating system worldwide. Listed below are a few of the VPN’s. 

  • Express VPN – This VPN makes a list on top five. It is excellent for P2P filesharing and streaming. It has the fastest average download speed.  This is incorporated in the British Virgin Islands which is beyond reach and keeps no log. It is one of the few VPN to work with Netflix. Its pros are it is the best windows 10 app. It provides high security, encryption, and privacy throughout. You can unblock the most popular streaming sites from anywhere, and it will give you live chat customer service too. One con of this provider is it can connect to only three devices concurrently.
  • Nord VPN – It is a Panama based VPN. It provides double-hog encryption and also it does not keep any usage logs or connection. Some pros are: It is a vast server network and is also capable of unblocking several geo-restricted sites. It can connect 6 devices concurrently and has good speed in steaming and downloading. You can watch your favorite Kodi sports too. Their con is although it can choose server location but is unable to select a specific server. It is considered to be the best budget VPN.
  • Cyberghost VPN – Its lager network spans more than 1100 VPN servers in 40 countries. If you encounter any issues, you will be provided live chat. It has excellent speed service and can connect to five devices. This VPN has a high value because of its budget choice. One con is it won’t’ be able to unblock many steaming sites, unlike other VPN.
  • IP Vanish – It has zero log policy which is it neither records session nor logs traffic. It is one of the only VPN serving as a Tier 1 network. It has its server and does not rent physical or virtual space from someone else. Cons are: This particular network does not function in China. Also, some server does not perform well with Netflix and Hulu.

Likewise, many other services are also available. You can also refer some websites for some best free VPN for windows 10 online. 

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