Trend Your Wedding on Social Media with Photo Booths

Wedding on Social Media with Photo Booths

Photo Booth Trends for 2019 Weddings

Weddings are the most important and unique event in one’s life. People wait for this big day of their lives and want it to be a memorable event for the guests as well. As the wedding bell rings, people hire professional photographers to get clicked beautifully & preserve the memories of each and every function of the wedding in photographs which are the souvenir for a prerequisite event of your life.

The old trend in weddings has been totally changed. Wedding photo booths have taken over the new form of wedding decor. They are trending for some years and are widely used in weddings. It has now been considered as a style statement for weddings. 

If you want to add a touch of fun, excitement, and colors in your wedding photographs. You surely can’t miss having a photo booth at your wedding. A photo booth adds colors and sparks in your wedding while giving life to your marriage photographs.

Photo booths are designed according to the wedding themes whether it’s a rustic decor, vintage or floral. Decorators are trying their best to provide excellent and innovative ideas for the photo booth every time. Photo booths help you to trend on social media creating a buzz about your wedding.

But that’s not enough alone. Creating a wedding hashtag beforehand, allows you to trend your wedding along with collecting all the photographs of your big day from all social media platforms. As the trend keeps on changing with time wedding photo booths have also been upgraded with the latest technology.

Now, you can set up a photo booth at your wedding event that automatically uploads your photographs online with the hashtags while inspiring guests to interact more take more pictures.


We’ve chalked out some photo booth ideas to trend your wedding on social media:

1. Photobox and GIF Photo Booth –

Photobox and gif photo booth engages the guests at your wedding ceremony in the most innovative way. It allows your guests to get there picture clicked by following the instructions on the touchscreen.

They can pose as per there desire and customize it with various layouts and filters. Photobox provides the option of sharing online instantly and printing pictures instantly that your guests can keep as a souvenir of an event. It’s fun when you get clicked with Photobox and gif booths. 

2. Social Mosaic Wall –

The social mosaic wall is considered amongst one of the effective ways to trend your wedding on social media. You hire a photographer to capture the pictures of the guests and the rituals happening. But smartphones still stays in the scene. Guests at your weddings tend to capture snapshots which are sometimes missed by photographers.

Consider putting the photographs taken by your guests on the wedding photo mosaic wall and enjoy the live digital photo album of your wedding. If you put a social mosaic wall during your wedding event your guest can follow live updates or use your wedding hashtags to gather pictures from your event across social media platforms.

3. Instagram Hashtag Printer –

Instagram hashtag printer is a perfect fit for weddings. It creates a sense of excitement on your special occasion while adding an element of fun to the entire event. It allows your guests to interact with each other.

Hashtag photo printer for events and weddings help in trending your wedding on social media and make your ceremony the talk of the town. It’s time to give your smartphones some rest. It allows guests to get clicked during the event and get print instantly when they upload them to Instagram or Twitter with the wedding hashtag.

4. Social 360 Photo Booth –

Make your guests feel like a star at your wedding. Social 360 photo booth is a unique way that will make your ceremony talk of the town while creating a buzz on social media. Normal photo booths are seen at every wedding nowadays. Social 360 photo booth takes you a notch ahead. The camera takes a 360-degree rotation around the guest standing on the spot. You can pose according to the 360-degree view and all the focus is on you. 360 photo booth gives the option of slo-mo, picture, video or live gif which are shared online instantly. The fun at the event gets double with the social 360 photo booth.

5. Magic Mirror Photo Booth –

Magic mirror photo booths are fun. The touch screen magic mirror captures full-length photos with a camera inside. Magic selfie mirror is easy to use, you just need to pose as per your choice and customize the image using the various options like add frames, images as per the occasion. It allows guests to share their photos instantly to their favorite social media platforms. Magic Mirror photobooths are creating a buzz since its existence and are the most powerful tool to make your wedding event trend on social media.

6. 3d Augmented Reality Photo Booth –

A 3d augmented reality photo booth adds more fun and enthusiasm during the wedding event. It is a great alternative for any wedding ceremony to gain applause and claps. Photographs of guests are being snapped in an innovative way. Augmented Reality Photo Booth allows guests to get clicked with virtual 3D props.

Guests stand in front of the booth, and 3d props start loading on the big screen allowing guests to interact with the props. A picture from the photo booth can be printed and shared on various social media platforms directly.


Go beyond the expectations of your guests while selecting your wedding photo booths and let your wedding trend on social media. Create a personalized touch in your photo booths and be unique in your selection. You will definitely enjoy looking back at the digital cascade of your wedding photographs that is sure to win your heart.

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