How WebRTC Is Transforming the Call Center Industry

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Technology is playing a pivotal role in improving customer services across all industries. Technology is especially beneficial for businesses like call centers and contact centers who have to attend a large number of customer queries at the same time. Also, from answering their questions to deliver quick support services via chat, the businesses need to be actively present to serve customers in a better way. WebRTC is executing a crucial role in transforming the functioning of call centers.

WebRTC – Web real-time communication is robust and highly disruptive, cutting-edge technology. WebRTC can be used through the web and mobile applications and is compatible with various browsers.

Acknowledging WebRTC’s high-level features, it’s no surprise that more and more businesses want to adopt this technology. This article highlights some critical aspects of how WebRTC technology is reshaping customer services. Read on, and find out why you need to ensure that your call center or contact center uses this cutting-edge technology.

Omnichannel communication with WebRTC
Long gone are the days when customers used to pick up the phone to contact the service department of a business. In today’s united world, when it comes to reaching a company, customers can choose a variety of communications channels, including phone, email, SMS, social media, and even web chat. Depending on ease, they select the best suitable alternatives to connect to the agents quickly. Especially, inbound call center software powered by webRTC is the most reliable choice among other options while customers seek support.

Hassle-free configuration
Sometimes, call center software or contact center software offers outstanding features, but they are not compatible with API configuration. HoduCC – an omnichannel contact center software that provides a simple, quick API configuration for uninterrupted communication with potential customers.

The rest API for the webphone can be easily integrated with the CRM. Agents, supervisors, or administrators can log in to their CRM to make or receive calls from the CRM directly. The hassle-free API configuration helps companies to set up webRTC to power up customer communication easily.

Adopt a tech-savvy strategy, utilize space
A workspace should be utilized in such a manner that more executives can sit and work comfortably within the extent. When you opt for the tech-savvy approach, you are not only making a smart decision but also improving productivity.
As WebRTC does not require any physical instruments to connect with the customers, office premises can be used efficiently. Additionally, this software aids in saving costs on hard phones. Adopting a call center software like HoduCC enables you to choose for the right approach to enhance potency and bring on other benefits.

Deliver revolutionized customer experience
Customer experience is the key to expanding business growth. Hence, businesses are focusing on delivering the best customer services. Contact center software powered by webRTC is a great way to boost customer support services.

For instance, WebRTC’s screen sharing feature renders an excellent solution for the customers to explain a complicated technical issue. By enabling agents to see what callers are viewing, agents can present a more efficient solution, and even make changes remotely for the customers. This approach saves time, makes it easier to understand the problem, thus improves customer satisfaction effectively. More specifically, have a look at the distinct benefits of webRTC for customer service;

Video, chat communication to create a compelling customer experience
increased data security while communicating with customers
Unified, real-time communication to choose from a wide range of channels like video, chat, voice call, etc.
Additionally, businesses are embracing many advantages through this type of technology. From sustaining market competition to improve productivity, call center software offers many perks to the companies. By using the webRTC based inbound call center software businesses can;

Maximize the utilization of the agents 
Increase productivity and efficiency of agents
Provide context-based data to the agents and allow them to deliver faster first-call resolution
Decrease the expense and complexity of administering a contact center
Hence, HoduCC – omnichannel call center software offers an inbuilt webphone based on WebRTC technology to revolutionize customer services. Even if you need to handle a large volume of calls simultaneously, this software works efficiently. Besides, WebRTC Solution is one of the most preferred internet technologies for the contact center. The software provider also proposes additional facilities such as call on mute, internal/external transfer, CRM integration, and many more.

Undoubtedly, the technology behind WebRTC has already commenced to shake up the customer service world. Invest in a contact center software backed with webRTC and sustain market competition by empowering customer services!

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