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It takes about 5 seconds for a site visitor to decide whether he or she will stay or leave. The layout of a site, ease of content consumption, navigation and many other related factors decide how long your visitors will stick around. These are the questions website owners should ask themselves:

  • Is the site getting traffic?
  • Are the visitors staying on the website or leaving?
  • What is the conversion rate as compared to the traffic obtained?

The answers to these questions will tell you all about the strength or weakness of a website. This analysis can help to decide when a business owner should consult an experienced web design company in Melbourne. In the presence of web design experts, follow these tips to improve site design:

  • Assess And Plan

Use the presence of skilled designers to conduct a thorough assessment of the website’s design. Align this assessment with the journey of visitors that come to the site. Use their intentions to plan the elements of the site. The content, pages and its presentation – get everything looked over to ensure the conversion of every visitor.

  • Remove The Clutter

Ask skilled professionals to safely remove all the clutter from the website. The clutter includes all the elements that reduce the quality of a site. This can include complicated animations, irrelevant images, JavaScript files and complex coding, all these factors need expert attention. Removing unnecessary content, graphics and visuals actually support the quality of a website. Visitors get to enjoy an optimized website with increased UX (User Experience), which increases the chances of conversion.

  • Add Social Buttons In The Right Locations

Brand reputation requires social media visibility. And there should be a clear connection between a business’s social media pages and its official website. The website should also contain social follow and share buttons. The location of these buttons matters as well, so make sure the visitors get to see all the social share buttons when scrolling through a page. This will increase social shares and followers.

  • Implement CTA Buttons

CTA (Call To Action) buttons play a major role in getting increased conversions on a website. These buttons allow visitors to know what they are supposed to do after reaching a web page. Every page requires relevant and easy-to-use CTA buttons. These buttons should be responsive and work on smaller mobile screens as well. It is important to know that CTA buttons are effective only if the web page offers relevant and impressive content. This is why page assessment becomes necessary to finalist the right places to add CTA buttons.

  • Include Meaningful Graphics

A website should contain complicated graphics for a more impressive appearance. Even lightweight graphics will work effectively if they add value. Provide objectives of every web page to designers who are working on the graphics. This way, they can align those objectives with the graphic elements easily.

  • Remove Navigation Loopholes

When designing, a website’s navigation quality is set to ensure the ease of moving from one web page to another. This helps visitors when they want to find information on a website. If a website has a disorganized or complicated navigation interface, visitors are more likely to leave without reading or buying anything. Hence, the removal of navigation loopholes is another important way to improve site quality.

The navigation should have a clear hierarchy as per a sales funnel or customer cycle. It is also necessary to ensure that the same quality of navigation is available when a visitor uses their mobile device to access the same website.

  • Redefine The Elements Of Homepage

If a site has an out-dated homepage, it impacts the performance of every internal web page. Depending on the brand personality, a business should redefine elements on the homepage. So, get the home page elements audited from experts and redesign it to remove, replace and re-align elements. Make sure that the homepage clarifies value proposition in a single glance. With that, get the best-suited layout to showcase videos, service overview, about, testimonial, resources, product features and other elements.

  • Include Some White Space

White space is not always a bad element on a website. It allows a balance to the pages and makes viewing the website easier for the viewer. So, there is no harm in smartly utilizing the white space to make the consumption of content more appealing. Get web designers to review all the web pages and find which ones require some additional white space. Follow the expert recommendations to properly incorporate the white space for a better content experience.

  • Make Everything Mobile Ready

The elements of a site should perform 100% on mobile devices as well. If a site is not mobile-friendly, it loses business opportunities, search engine rankings and online reputation.

Find a trusted web design company in Melbourne and start benefiting today. Search online and make sure that your website is fully optimized and ready for business!

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