Should I take Vlogging Camera with Flip Screen?

Vlogging Camera with Flip Screen

It is a strong possibility that you have seen many cameras but when it comes to vlogging requirement and various features changes. In Vlogging, a camera with a flip screen is the best option to go with. Many things that you can do in both ordinary camera and the vlogging camera with flip screen. You can start your Vlogging career with a simple camera or with a smartphone but later on, you have to switch. 

Why should you go for a Vlogging camera with flip screen? 

There are tons of reasons why you should go for a vlogging camera. Especially, vlogging camera with a flip screen has many pros. Here I am disclosing a few. Let’s take a look. 

#1. Ease in shooting in Bright Sunlight 

Suppose you have got the perfect location with a sufficient amount of light and but you are unable to see the image on the screen due to the bright sunlight of the sun. In this case, if you have a camera with a flip screen then you can tilt it to the low light side and ultimately you can film the footage easily. 

#2. More Quick and Optimized Selfies

These days Selfies are quite popular. In smartphones, we all have front cameras but when the same thing comes to cameras? We can’t take selfies while looking into the camera’s screen. Here camera with flip screen comes into play where we can adjust the flip screen according to our line of sight and capture better and even more better. If you don’t have a camera with a flip screen you might face these problems, Blurred Image, Out of Focus and sometimes you could go out of frame also. 

#3. Comfortable shooting in confined images 

Suppose if you are shooting in a place where you can’t reach on to the front side of cam to adjust the various video settings and focus, then it will be a problem for you to shoot at that place. Then if you have a camera with a flip screen then obviously you can do it with ease, you can adjust the camera setting to take healthy footages. It is required to adjust the lens to professional shots. 

#4. Shooting from higher angles 

When you are taking the footages in the crowd then it is not possible to shoot at reachable height or ground height, in this case, you have to raise your camera to a certain height with your hands or tripod. At this height, you can’t see in the camera’s screen to analyze what’s recording, here flip screen works the best as you can tilt the screen to your line of sight. 

#5. Shooting at Low Angles 

When you are taking the shots where the camera is placed on the ground, now if you don’t have a flip screen in your camera then you have to bent on your knees which could result in dirty clothes and injured knees. But if you have a flip screen camera then you can easily film the scene without doing that much of the efforts which are required in ordinary cameras. 

#6. Shooting comfortably around corners

You can easily film the scenes around the corners when you have a camera with a flip screen. These kind of shots are usually difficult to film when you don’t have a camera with a flip screen. The same thing also follows when you are shooting in a car or bus. So, if you are vlogger then you should definitely try out the flip screen camera because it makes vlogging much easier than people think. 

#7. Capturing Street Scenes or Street Photography

This is the coolest advantage of having a vlogging camera with flip screen, now you can take candid scenes and no one will register that you are actually filming or shooting the scenes. It is possible just because of the flip screen in the camera. In fact, strong possibilities that people around you think that you are just adjusting the camera. Seems quite interesting? Then go and search for the best vlogging cameras, pick the one of your choice and budget and start shooting or filming the vlogs, just enjoy the vlogging with flip screen. 

So these were some views on why one should go for a vlogging camera with a flip screen? Hope you got them without any difficulty. Everyone has own perspective of using different accessories, especially when we are into Vlogging, Filming or Phtoshooting. Creativity has no boundaries and people are awesome, they never miss a chance to go creative and beyond thinking. This is the spirit which is required to do something unique in vlogging. 

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