5 Best Practical Video Making Applications for Beginners

Video Making Applications

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Best Video Editing Software & Apps for Any Budget

In this article, I’ll show you five easy-to-use video making applications for beginners, no need to have any technical knowledge about video editing. Do you want to making a cool video for your big moment? Do you want to make continue editing to the existing videos? I’m sure that in this application list, you will find the perfect tool for professional video creating.

1. FlexClip Video Maker


If you are looking for an online video editor, it’s good to try FlexClip. You can upload and edit videos stored on your desktop. You can also use the large number of resources in this app such as its stock images, videos, audios, etc. This app allows you to add text animations, logos, voiceovers and watermarks to your video projects. It’s completely free to download your video with full high resolution of 1080p without quality loss. Besides, you can save your unfinished project to your account online. When you have free time, you are free to access it and continue editing it any other where you want.

2. Rocketium


Another very interesting tool is Rocketium. This app allows you to make videos exclusively for social platforms with predetermined movements that facilitate your work.Rocketium is perfect for the creation of small pieces, has pre-established effects that will give life to the final product.An important feature of this editor is that they have developed an app that is available for both Android and iOS users.

3. MakeWebVideo


MakeWebVideo allows you to select different video templates from an extensive gallery that counts. Once the template is selected, the user can proceed to edit different parts of the template, being able to customize the texts and the graphics that appear within them, modifying both the color and the size of the same. Additionally, people can upload their own images and audios in case they wish to do so. From this tool users can obtain videos in MP4 in high definition produced with Adobe After Effects, one of the best programs for video production. To make a video, people can simply click on the template that best suits their needs (each can be previewed), and then do the editing process.

4. Animatron

With Animatron, you can create a video with hundreds of animated characters and dozens of different types of backgrounds. You can add your own images, audio files and fonts to the video, and animate your own graphics.The amount of video is not limited, because the program is based on a large library of free video clips and audio files, photos, characters and animated objects. If you already have ready content, you can also import it into your video.

Video Making Applications

You can export the created project as a GIF, HTML or video file in several formats. You can add videos to your website, blog or social media.

5. ClipChamp

With this video creator you can make from videos for YouTube ads for social networks. It has its own resources in video and photography to facilitate the editor.In real time you can cut or shorten while you edit, without processing. In Windows or Mac it responds very well so that you can create videos in a simple way and without any complicated editing knowledge because it has essential and advanced functions for a first videographic result.


Checking them out, you will finally find one that could provide an effective video solution to your attempts to hook more customers, since users are consuming much more video than other content.

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