Various Types of Guns with Pictures and Names

Types of Guns

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Whether it is the new online FPS you are playing or the new action movie you are watching, you have certainly come across the legendary rifles such as M-16, AK-47 or Mossberg. These guns are highly featured in most of the western-based cultural products. This brief review guide, therefore, focuses on different types of guns with pictures and names so that you may talk a bit or two while discussing guns or related subjects.

Various Types of Guns with Pictures and Names 

First in our discussion comes the famous Mossberg 715.

  • Mossberg 715 tactical ( 

It a has adjustable stocks of 6 positions and the length of pull range is 10.5” to 14.25”. In terms of scope options, V3 1-3×20 would be the best scope for .22lr. Accessory Loader Cap comes with 25 round models which make the loading process way faster than before!

Accuracy Counts 

Mossberg 715 is what I would call the average accuracy rifle. It depends on the user mostly; you are using 715 for some time then you perhaps would perform better.


It is this gun’s best feature as it can handle a multifarious range of ammunition. Such as CCI Blazer 40 grain, Federal 36 grain HP, Remington Viper 36 grain segmented HP, Remington CBee 33 grain Subsonic, etc, without any issues.


The most disturbing thing about this gun is its poorly designed magazines. If you are running a 10 rounder than it is okay but while using 22 or 25 rounders, you seriously are going to face issues. It is better if you do not load a full round, in a 25 rounder it is better to load 20.

  • AK-47

Second in our discussion comes the legendary AK-47. Lets’ see why they are mentioned almost everywhere:

Trainability and Reliability  

Users find it AK-47 easy to use and thus gains quick dependence on AK.

Mass Production  

It is seen that AK can be produced in a large number. The mechanics of AK-47 are simpler than other rifles and therefore it becomes easy to mass-produce this rifle.

Weather Friendly

AK-47 is a highly weather-friendly rifle, so it can be utilized in any sort of terrain or battlefields. In Afghanistan and Iraq, many US army officials used AK because their official issued M-16 jammed in sand and dust.


One of the main reasons why people chose to have AK as their weapon of choice is the ammo. The availability of the AK’s ammo 7.62x39mm makes it desirable to many.

What Does It Lack? 

Many military experts have deemed AK-47 to be unfit for modern warfare. Although hugely popular around the world, AK has many negative features:


The accuracy of AK has always been under question. In the battlefields, AK-47 is regarded as one of the least accurate rifles.


Compared to modern rifles such as M-16 and AR-15 AK-47 has a high recoil count. How will you be able to hit your enemy if your aim is not steady in the first place?

AK-47 Variants 

Among the AKs which are being produced now, Romanian made WASR 10 is considered the best. Arsenal SLR series is also famous and durable. Krebs custom AKs are also recommended by different gun and military experts.

  • Remington 700 PCR

Remington 700 has been there for quite a while. Let’s discuss some of the features of this bolt action rifle:

Key Features of Remington 700 PCR

  • Effective Chassis
  • Barrel: 24” with the rifling of 5R
  • The muzzle is threaded and comes with advanced protection systems
  • Bolt knob designed especially for tactical use
  • A trigger can be adjusted externally
  • SquareDrop aluminum handguard
  • 5 round magazines with Magpul
  • Gen 3 PRS with adjustable Magpul
  • Special pistol grip by Magpul
  • MOA assurance of 3 shots.

Accuracy and Safety Matters for Remington 

If you are out hunting with a Remington 700, you perhaps will not be disappointed with its accuracy. The specially designed receiver of this gun gives it an extra advantage for accuracy. Moreover, cylindrical action provides better gun handling. Remington 700 has considerably lower recoil than that of its’ contemporaries. Thus, making it an outstandingly accurate bolt action.


They have designed three special steel rings to reduce the unbearable force. 700 possess a bold head that is counterbored. Another layer of steel is added around the case of the lock ring. The lock ring is designed with a special third layer of steel which completely protects the shooter from a blown case.

  • Winchester Model 70

Winchester Model 70 is another well-known bolt action sporting rifle. Here are some reviews of it:


The 70 does provide a mixture of effectivity and aesthetics. The feature of bolt knob and the forearm is pretty aggressive.


There is a question to the reliability of this gun. It fires just the same and without failure using odd rounds. It does not short-stroke rapid firing.


If you are someone who is out there and enjoy hunting. I would recommend a Model 70 over Remington 700 any day. It is just perfect from every angle.

  • M16 rifle 

It is one of the most used guns and a competitor to AK-47. Let’s look at some of the basics of M-16:


There is a lot of rail space for better customization. Moreover, it also well-matched with AR-15. So, you are free to choose from the other varieties.


There is no doubt about this rifle being precise. That is the reason the US Army chose M-16 as their official assault rifle.

Some Negatives of M-16

The ammo of M-16 is not quite and is undergoing improvements. In the later guns of M-16, they introduce the burst feature which is a total failure. Finally, in Vietnam-era versions of M-16 they did not have bores with chrome lining.

Final Words

Guns are devices which are built to achieve a specific object which is sometimes not that nice.

Although, guns have the power to bring joy and safety through activities such as sports, hunting and bringing safety and order, their connection to the negative aspects of the human psyche is undeniable.

That is why we should learn more about how they work and put them to better use.


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