Uber for Babysitter: On-demand Solutions for Child Care

Uber for Babysitter Solutions for Child Care
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On-demand solutions have already gained popularity in the present time. On-demand apps not only provide quality services to users or customers but also supply customized and quick solutions. Working parents find difficult to manage office and homes. Even, a single parent finds difficulty in managing their children. This is the reason why the demand for on-demand babysitting app is rising at an alarming rate.

Statista has listed on-demand babysitting apps under top-rated apps for future businesses. Therefore, it will be the next big thing for business owners, as the initial investment is low and output is higher. Apps will connect business owners and service providers. Business owners can charge a percentage whenever a payment is made.

Business owners have to be clear for adding features in on-demand apps like Uber for babysitter. In this informatory page, we will discuss important steps to create such apps.

Essentials to develop On-demand Babysitting Apps – Feature Highlights

Live Tracking Assistance: Parents can easily track the services and details related to babysitters, after the request approval.

  • Detailed Info

Every parent wants a trusted child-care service. Parents can easily access detailed information associated with service providers, with the help of this option.

  • Easy to Change

The app should allow owners to change back-end as well as front-end codes without any mess. This is also a key feature of the app.

  • Live Chat

The inbuilt option will allow parents to connect with babysitters. Therefore, parents can easily get essential updates at any time and check the progress.

Rich Features to Add

Building an app that promotes trusted childcare only can lure parents. How can you progress to create such apps? All depends on security features. Features allowing parents to easily connect with service providers and detailed access within a few taps can create an ideal app. The apps should also offer personalized solutions to business owners. For example, intuitive interface, customizable scripts.

Customizable scripts allow owners to easily add or remove features as per their requirements. This is an important factor that should be considered, as owners will not need to build an app from scratch. They can simply amend changes by adding new features. Check out the following parts of rich features.

  • Safety Login

  • Flexible Booking Assistance

  • GPS Availability

  • Instant Updates

  • Chat Option

  • Integrated Payment Option

  • Multilingual and Multi-currency Support

  • Loyalty Programs

Advanced Features to Add

An advanced feature not only changes the outlook of any app but enhances its efficiency too. Different types of advanced features that have to be added in apps. Have a look at the following advanced features.

  • Upgraded Searching

The app will automatically suggest users or parents nearby babysitters based on their location and preferences. Parents need not evaluate from scratch to find a competent professional.

  • Real-time Tracking

The babysitter movement will be easily tracked using GPS. Furthermore, incoming and outgoing of babysitters can be easily noticed and traced when babysitters enter and leave. It will mark their attendance. The real-time tracking option will give every minute update to parents.

  • Profile and Contact Info

From babysitters’ calendar to detailed bio, parents can evaluate and choose them. Further, they can easily contact through phone numbers or chat options.

  • Video Streaming Option

This is one of the most important options of an on-demand babysitting app. Parents can easily watch their children through video streaming. Such options are inbuilt in apps.

  • Children Info

Parents will cite essential info related to their children. For example, they can include sex, age, nature of work, timings and other requisites related to their children. This option will help babysitters to know the nature of work types, and therefore, they can choose as per their preferences, and work experiences.

  • Search Filter

Search filters will allow parents to easily evaluate babysitters based on their requirements or preferences. The option will have categories related to pricing, professional services, personalized solutions, etc.

Adding such features can allow tech-savvy to create an on-demand babysitting app like Uber. We have discussed different stages and types of features that are essential for on-demand app development. Now, you can start implementing these features into your app.

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