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Tools for Social Media Creations

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8 Tools For Creating Engaging Social Media Videos, Images and GIFs In A Minute

Social media posts – Everything that is there on your account page and social media handle reflects your personality and each social media platform is famous for its own uniqueness and type of content.

For example –

You-tube for its videos,

Facebook for it posts,

Instagram for its images & stories.

Now, this makes it difficult for any user to be creative and regular all the time. If you’re a brand then it becomes inevitable for you to not have these tools in your check.

Though you may look for a good social media company in Mumbai or any other metro cities to help you keep all your social media platforms updated and regularly posted with good content.

Let’s take a closer look at 10 engaging tools that can help you create awesome social media posts in a minute –


The fastest way to grow your engagement.

Stencil is created with only one thing in mind and that is to help you create cool and engaging social media graphics. Not only provided with an app but a browser extension that helps you create images and graphics from the website you’re on.

The browser extension gives you the freedom of getting your hands on any image that you like while browsing and turn it into your new social media stories.

Price: varies from $9 to $18 per month.


Best used to make videos, it’s a great tool to highlight the best part of your videos and stories. Once you are inside LUMEN5 you will see the video URL on the left side of the app.

It gives you a free hand to adjust and select the sub-blog posts which you may add to your storyboard, then LUMEN5 generates a video according to your subheading that you put in your storyboard.

Price: $49 per month


Canva helps you with, quotes, infographics, stories, images everything. but what separates it from other tools is that it has a customized and separate library for everything.

Now you don’t have to go through the pain of creating your social media stories from scratch instead you can find some good options in these libraries.

Price: $12.95 per month.


Best to create everything from images to stories this tool helps you with the new feature that is suggestions with styling. Adobe Spark saves a lot of time for you by features like resizing and colour palettes.

Price: Free

GIPHY Capture

By the name, it is clear that GIPHY Capture is a tool to make gifs but what is it that makes it different from other gif creators.

You can actually capture anything on your screen and with a few clicks you can simply change the recording area and you will get your personal gif created already.

Price: Free is the best tool you can have to create gifs, an ultimate time saver.

when you have the video or the URL, the feature of auto-gif runs the video, finds and gives you 6 best moments to use as a gif.

This not only saves you a lot of time but also gives you a variety of gifs already. This can be done by selecting a video URL or from the library of

Price: $7.99 per month to remove the watermark.


PLACEIT allows you the feel of a digital product in the most realistic environment hence you save the time of a product photoshoot.

Just upload an image from your device or paste the URL and get a screenshot of the image and Placeit will put in your desired environment.

Price: varies from $29 to $199 per month in accordance with features.


Crello is quite similar to CANVA  but it offers 10,000 free design templates, 11,000 design elements & 65 million stock images. With so much to choose from it automatically gives you a wide range of variety and options to choose from.

You can edit any design that is given to you as a template.

Price: Free

All of these tools are famous for their accessibility and user-friendly interface. They have really changed the game how people upload pictures, videos and gifs in recent times. With the use of these tools, you can save a lot of time and ace your social media game plan.

If we specifically speak about Instagram, it is a hub of pictures, videos & stories, a normal internet user spends around 2 to 3 hours a day on Instagram, which makes it even more important for your brand to be there where your right audience is and not just be there but be engaging, posting and to leverage instagrammability of your brand.

Author Bio: Prakhar is a passionate and enthusiastic content specialist at Walnut Folks. He loves writing short novels and blogs and is a connoisseur of Urdu poetry. As an aspiring filmmaker at heart, he ardently follows the works of Anurag Kashyap, Gulzar, Piyush Mishra and Christopher Nolan. When not found at his desk, you can expect him to be either dancing to an upbeat Bollywood number, or humming some Sufi tunes.

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