The Future of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

With Digital Marketing already being such a wide spread field of work, you couldn’t possibly begin to think what more they could think of to add to it right?


As the digital and tech world advances, so does digital marketing, we follow trends as digital marketers to keep up with the best ways to attract and please our audiences.

So, let’s get right into what’s going to take the digital marketing world by storm in the near future.

  1. VR

Virtual Reality is a fun, new, futuristic way that is growing in popularity.

It is a computer-based simulation of an interactive environment. So, try before you buy has never been more possible.

VR boosts engagement and that’s the ultimate goal of a marketer.

Some benefits include:

  1. Personalised content is tailored to user’s needs and adopted fast
  2. Virtual reality can reduce language barriers
  3. Brand awareness gets increased via social shares

If you want to learn more about this revolutionary marketing strategy, read up so much more on virtual reality with this blog from a UK digital marketing agency.

  1. Shoppable Posts

For a long time businesses struggled to be able to get customers straight to their website from their website and feared that because there wasn’t this direct way of getting the customer there straight away they could forget to visit your site and your social media efforts would be wasted, you’d have lost sales.

Now this is changing, no more worries about missing out on a sale, you can now buy products through social media effortlessly.

And you don’t have to be a big, well-known brand to join in on this hype, even if you just have a few products to your name, you can see greater returns by allowing transactions through social media.

If that’s not enough, just think that at least 54% of people use social media to research products that they’re going to buy, so why not make it easier for them?

  1. Direct Messaging

In efforts to become more involved and personal with customers, companies are sliding into their audience’s DMs and believe it or not this is the trend expected to be hottest in digital marketing in 2020.

Building stronger connections is what is really being focused on here, making sure the customers feel like they’re valued and understood, and to ensure they know you care as a company and are super responsive.

  1. Vlogging

With the ongoing success of vlogging on YouTube and various social media platforms, it’s not difficult to understand why this is gaining popularity across digital marketing.

You’re speaking directly to the viewer, which makes your content more personal and direct. Again, making the audience feel more welcome and showing almost a friendship between customer and company. Customer satisfaction and engagement is key.


Digital marketers always have something new to think about, right now it’s all about focusing on making the customers have the best experience they possibly can.

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