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Screenshot on Iphone

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Take A Screenshot On My iPhone

The Apple iPhone has been at the forefront of various kinds of technologies over the years. It was the first true smartphone that was released way back in the year 2007.

From then onwards, Apple has changed the smartphone game. Before the iPhone was ever released, almost 99 percent of the smartphones at that time was filled with too many switches to operate. This had made the whole experience cumbersome and also less intuitive as well.

The Apple iPhone was the first to introduce many new features in the mobile industry, like the capacitive touchscreen, 64-bit mobile processors, a fingerprint reader for biometrics, a mobile app store, etcetera.

The iPhone in itself also has evolved over the years as well. The iPhone 2G released back in 2007 and now the latest generation of iPhones include the iPhone XR, XS and XS Max. The parity between these two timelines have been different and so have been different the way we use our iPhone as well.

Over the course of time, Apple has removed the home screen button and added Face ID as a way to unlock the phone. The operating system that the iPhone runs on, i.e. iOS, has also under a various number of changes over the years as well.

In the same way, taking screenshots on iPhone has also changed over a previous couple of years as well. Your iPhone screenshots are definitely are a great way to share various types of important moments during your day to life scenarios of using your iPhone.

This can include getting a high score in a particular game that you want to share with your friends or want to share any funny or important conversation from Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. Whatever you want to share, the following ways must be followed in order to capture a screenshot on your

iPhone: For iPhone 8 and before

  • Firstly, you have to open the application of which you want to take a screenshot of and also open the specific window as well.
  • You then have to press and hold the Power button, which is on the right side of your iPhone and also the Home button of your iPhone as well – both at the same time or simultaneously.
  • One pressing both the buttons, the display of your iPhone will flash white and therefore a camera shutter sound will be heard as well.
  • After the camera shutter sound, the screenshot will be taken – which will be then saved into your All Photos album or your Camera Roll album.

For iPhone X, XR, XS and XS Max

  • First, the usual procedure where you have to open your application and navigate to the window of which you want to take the screenshot.
  • Then you have to press the Side button on the right side of your iPhone along with the Volume Up button on the left side of your iPhone – both at the same time or simultaneously.
  • The display of your iPhone will flash white and the screenshot will be taken as well. You will have the option to edit your screenshot or share the screenshot right away.
  • The screenshot will then be saved in your Photos application, in your iPhone.

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