SEO Tips That Dramatically Increase Your Google Ranking

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Increase Your Google Ranking – Perfect SEO Tips

SEO is no longer a small marketing tool but one of the most important and commonly used tools to market a business online. It has evolved tremendously in recent years and experts have been added to refine the art.

Now you’ll find what used to be small SEO components that have now become major areas of work, such as technical optimization and on-page landing. We do not yet know how effective it will is in the future. But now it will be a huge tool to market everything online.

Local keyword Research:

The first rule for SEO: find out what your customer is looking for. You must identify the keywords that a user enters when they need a particular service. You need to build your strategy accordingly. There are many ways you can find out what your customer is typing for. You can also try Google AdWords. There is a keyword planner that displays the most used keywords per country. It makes the process easy if you get the gist of it.

Nap Consistency:

What does nap consistency mean? This means that the name of your company, the address of your company and the website address. The internet is filled with crawlers that detect even the smallest changes down to the smallest detail. If Google detects differences in the nap while using crawlers, your site ranking will decrease. That’s because there was no consistency at all in your nap. If there are deviations, you can go to the listings and have them corrected.

Google My Business Listing:

This is a very good tool to manage your presence online. With Google, you can fill in and publish information about your business or organization. It collects and displays a lot of primary data that helps companies understand how the customer deals with their business. A company can analyze its data and then fix its shortcomings. With this app, you can view many areas of improvement and increase the ranking in the search.

Local SEO Optimized Landing Page:

This is a crucial element when it comes to winning the customers you want. Local SEO optimization is about having local customers find you. First, you need to know where your local customers are coming from. It may be that they come from places that are too far away. You can try google analytics to find such data. If you work in one state only or have a one-stop shop, we recommend that you optimize the site for local SEO. If you select different cities as the destination, it is recommended that you create your own landing page for each landing page. Your site must meet all google requirements before it can be optimized locally.

Schema.Org Markup:

The scheme is one of the newest tools in SEO and one of the least used. However, it is beneficial and helpful to any SEO expert. The tool has not gained so much popularity so far. It not only tells Google what your data say but also what your data means. You can also rank higher than other methods that do not use schema. All you need to do is paste the schema into your HTML encoding. This will allow you to use it and improve your ranking.


We’ve introduced 5 techniques that you can easily master with the help of google guides and some mentoring from SEO experts. If you are a small business, you can use the above techniques to improve your ranking and reach the customers you want to serve. I hope it helps you to understand SEO and to benefit from its methods.

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