How to Get Rid of Kids Careless Attitude with Gadgets? Use Parental Control

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Gadget addiction in kids is not at all an alarming news. More and more kids are obsessed with them and depend on them for day to day activities, thus impacting their cognitive skills. 

Use of gadgets can be controlled and ignored at times, but can we ignore the carelessness and misplacing habits of kids?

Parents are fed up with the kid’s careless attitude towards their belongings. It does not need to be an expensive item or document; anything misplaced by kids can fall into the category of carelessness. And, losing gadgets is not something parents can take for granted.

Why Should Kids Be Careful with Gadgets?

Kid’s are expected to be careful with all types of things, whether it is a mere toy or an expensive gift. However, with gadgets, the risk is slightly different. 

Devices are created out of computer chips and other electronic parts. Disposing of them is not an environment-friendly option, and keeping them at home only adds to e-waste. The more significant challenge is that every gadget store bytes of data which are confidential or have emotional significance for the user.  So, here are the most critical reasons why kids need to be vigilant with electronic gadgets:

  1.   Loss of Private Data- If your kids are teenagers, 60-70 % of them will have personal data in their smartphones. Some may not even realize they have created a copy in the phone but keep it for years to come. One fine day when the phone gets in the hands of a mischievous person, they can take advantage of the data. Use the data for sadistic pleasure. 
  1.   No point of contact in remote areas– Losing the smartphone is bearable, losing connectivity with kids is a nightmare. And this is a widespread case, with today’s generation. Either it’s the dead battery or misplaced phone, parents inevitably suffer a mini heart attack in both cases. And if the gadget gets stolen, then it becomes a more significant concern of security.
  1.   Expensive gadgets – Parents are responsible for giving expensive items to kids, which is not a great idea in the first place. Purchasing a high-end smartphone or tablet is always at a risk of getting stolen. Not to mention the maintenance cost behind them. 
  1.   May contain Parent’s confidential data-Although we hope it is a rare situation but, in some cases, kids have been thoughtless with parents’ gadgets and misplaced them. Those devices contain more crucial data than kids. It may also provide corporate data beyond the personal information stored. So, losing a parent’s gadget will turn out to be a higher risk for both parent and kid.

How can you teach kid’s to be more careful with their gadgets?

  1. Stay Alert at all times

The primary requirement is to be alert in your surroundings. Especially in public transport, a mall or a busy street. Kids cannot carelessly give their bags or luggage with essentials to unknown commuters or strangers. 

Alertness is the foremost expectation and is essential in all aspects of life, but special attention should be taken while carrying expensive articles. 

  1.     Share any suspicious activity at school

Often, we ignore signs and cues that suggest that some people have the habit of stealing or lying. Kids, avoid these signs and later struggle in understanding how they lost their precious belongings. 

According to experts, it is best to avoid carrying expensive gadgets to school, but by chance they do. Explain to them how to avoid showing off the device and especially avoid sharing it too often with someone who does not own one or shows unwanted interest in the gadget. 

  1.   Keep changing your password 

Changing the password regularly is a wise activity from a cyber security perspective. However, it also plays a vital role in ensuring no one can get their hands on your private data. 

  1.   Insert the device in a bag in public place

If your kids are traveling in a public place, it is better to place the phone deep inside the bag where a pick-pocket can barely reach. Keeping phones in the back pocket or side pockets is a risk and stupid idea in a crowded area. And it also has repercussions on the health.

  1.   Educate on the importance of money and savings

Unless you create a mindset of savings and teach the importance of money, kids will never learn to be careful with costly items. So, before they buy a new phone, ask them to earn money from part-time summer jobs or save their pocket money to purchase the phone they need. Definitely, parents can add the excess amount, but this saving habit will make children responsible.

What to do if you kid misplaces their cell phone?

We cannot completely ignore the fact that phones and devices do go missing even after taking all the precautions. So, as a precautionary measure use the tracking features of Bit Guardian Parental Control App

  •   Use the location tracker and confirm if the kid still has the mobile phone at all times. In case you see a suspicious location, be alert that either the phone has gone missing or the kid.
  •   The Anti-Theft feature is a unique way to get hold of the lost phone, remotely factory reset the phone and ring the phone to attract attention.

So, stop mulling over how careless your son or daughter is, educate and help them in getting over these bad habits. Use of gadgets are many but carefully handling devices is necessary.

To control the damage in case of a stolen phone, download the Bit Guardian Parental Control App today !

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