How to Get Rid of Draft Watermark in PDF? – Remove Watermark from PDF

Remove Watermark from PDF

Don’t know how to get rid of Draft Watermark in PDF? No problem! Just read out this article and resolve your issue of eliminating watermark from PDF files. Before we start with the solution a short description is provided about the Draft watermark.

A DRAFT word describes that the defined work is not completed and is somewhere in the middle. Also, it displays the work can have amendments in the existing works as well. Draft word is usually added as a watermark on documents that are under a long process. In other terms, A project documentation usually has a Draft watermark added on it. This specifies the project is under process and changes or add-on might be done on this Document.

With this discussed, now we move on directly to the process where we can delete watermark from a PDF.

How to Remove the Draft Watermark in PDF File?

Here we are defining a feasible solution which all among you can easily perform without any external guide required. The method name is PDF Watermark Remover. This application is provided by the SysTools Group. The application features to remove all the text watermark on Acrobat PDF files. Also, this process could be held on any number of PDF files in a single watermark addition procedure.

Some Features of SysTools PDF Watermark Remover

The downside has defined some features of this application. Go through the features so that you are familiarized and easily understand how to get rid of Draft watermark in PDF documents.

  • Remove Watermark from PDF files:

The application offers the functionality to delete any kind of watermark (Text / Image) from the Acrobat PDF files. This text may include SAMPLE, APPROVED, COPYRIGHT, and even DRAFT. No matter what text is set on the Acrobat PDF as a watermark, it will be erased.

  • Delete Multiple Watermark from a PDF Page:

The Acrobat PDF can have any number of Watermark added on it, all of them will be removed in a single Watermark removal process. The application has the capability of removing text and image watermark from a single Acrobat PDF page.

  • Remove Draft Watermark from Protected PDF File:

An additional function offered by the application is that it eliminates the watermark set on a password protected PDF file. With a PDF file having document open password set, the application will ask for the password. When the password is verified, you can easily get rid of Draft watermark in PDF file.

Erase Watermark from Bulk PDF Documents:

You can perform the watermark removal process on multiple PDF files in a single removal process. You are facilitated to Add the PDF files from which you want to delete the Draft watermark. Afterward, move ahead to remove the watermark from selected PDF files.

These were some of the efficient features that the application has offered you for easy and simple watermark removal. Now, we shall move down and know how to get rid of Draft watermark in PDF file.

Process to Remove Watermark from a PDF Document

  1. Run PDF Watermark Remover and click Open PDF option
  2. Add PDF files and browse destination to save watermark removed PDF
  3. Click Next, then hit on Start button

The process will start to delete Draft and other watermarks from Acrobat PDF files added. Before you go just view the system requirements that need to be fulfilled for smooth software running.

Software Requirements:

OS Supported: Windows 10/8.1/8/7 and below versions

Processor: 1 GHz


Hard Disk Space: 10 MB

No additional requirements


In this write-up, we have discussed an efficient method to remove Draft watermark in PDF. After you go through the above article you will have an idea on how to get rid of Draft watermark in PDF easily. So read on the whole and learn this feasible solution for your ease in deleting watermark from PDF documents.

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