PUBG Will NOT be Easy to be Banned!


PUBG ban: Not Easy to Ban Your Favourite Game

Now-days PUBG (Players Unknown’s Battlegrounds) is the most
 Controversial Game in India at the Moment. According to Rajkot police,
 the game is harmful and addictive for the children. They even arrested
ten people for playing this game in public. On the other hand, Goa state
IT Minister wants a complete ban on PUBG in India because he thinks 
that the game is violent and demonic.

But the question rises –  is it really possible and relevant to ban anything in
today’s World?

It seems that all the talks and propaganda about banning the game is
 just a chaotic noise. To block PUBG, The Indian government will just
 have to ask the ISP (INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER) in the region to
block all communications to the PUBG server. This can be lane only by
asking ISP’s to install filters that can detect and filter traffic to and from
the IP addresses that host the PUBG server. There is also an ASN 
(AUTONYMOUS SYSTEM NUMBER) Blocking method which of Employed
will not only block traffic towards PUBG servers but it will also block all
other internet traffic as well.

But, none of these procedures of blocking are fool-proof. If a state
-government prefer to ban the game then it will need a credible VPN
(VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORK) service to get around a VPN service
creates a reliable tunnel through which the data traffic can pass
unchecked without leaving any traces.

To this, Shadow Arena‘s Divaker Bhalla said that, “it makes difficult to track down your location and even hack your account. You can get post any blockage based upon your geographical
location.” PUBG Life which initially was made available to the residents
of Philippines, is not available for Indian gamers but using a VPN app,
are can change his/her location to the Philippines and connect to
Philippines DNS server for PUBG mobile Life.

Consequently, if the government really wants to ban the game in India,
it can request Apple and Google to block access to PUBG on the app
store and Play-stations otherwise the whole procedure for blocking the
game is too complex.

So, PUBG fans can relax now as it’s not easy to ban their favorite game.

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