POS Systems: Money Boxes to Smart Solutions

point of sale systems

Point of Sale Systems and Software

POS Systems stands for Point-of-Sale systems that are legally required from the retailers to use when collecting payment from their customers at the exact moment of purchase.

Today, it is very easy to get a receipt for your purchase, that you don’t even think about the process, however, in the past things weren’t so simple. And not only they weren’t simple but also there was a great chance for the customer to be manipulated and tricked by paying more money than they should have. Luckily, today, in this fast and ever-changing technology-dependent world, things are somehow brought in order.

Let’s take a look at the whole picture – from the appearance of the POS Systems to today.

First Attempts of Building a POS system

In the past, the first attempts for the purchasing procedure to be regulated by law was with the introduction of the money box which was usually placed behind the counter. In this box which was manually operated, the money was kept inside while all the credit accounts were done with a pencil and paper and kept elsewhere in a folder. There wasn’t a receipt just a handshake between the seller and the customer. 

Upgrading the Initial Idea

Next, there was the introduction of the cash register. This was the first attempt of a more progressive POS system as it consisted of a machine that did the calculations and had a built-in drawer for keeping the cash that was still counted by hand. They worked simply, and if there was a price tag on the product, the cashier could finish the purchase. 

Barcoding Makes everything Simpler

Then, barcodes made a revolution in the industry. It was a system that unified advanced POS systems and simplified inventory management. The retailers could put the prices into the system and they would be there to use for multiple registers as well. As the barcodes were printed on the product itself, the cashier needed to just record it in the system and the product would come up right away. Furthermore, the barcodes were excellent for the seamless management of the inventory so that the POS systems at that moment got to the point of help the retailers to track inventory in their shops. 

The Introduction of Smart Technology

The appearance of smartphones, Wi-Fi, and mobile POS systems have facilitated the process the most since it was first introduced as a concept and redefined the way of purchasing goods. Today every customer can enjoy the benefits od being instantly notified about their purchase and get a document about it that is valid in many institutions. 

The mobile POS systems have developed so much that a single terminal is basically a supercomputer that contains reports of sales receipts, customer loyalty, the whole inventory of products – in and out of stock, employee time cards and other important information.

These new, modern POS systems have another great benefit. They allow customers to make purchases and get the receipt from their own homes when they are shopping online. This means that nowadays queues are significantly shorter and people can enjoy the shopping experience. 

What is more, their development doesn’t finish here. The predictions of the future POS systems say that they will become even more cloud-centred and connected. With the fast development of apps and their integration in almost every aspect of every industry, cloud apps will enable retailers to manage the whole sales procedure in an easy and very transparent way. For customers, this means that they will get the chance to improve their shopping experience even if they are offline. 

The Bottom Line

The technology transforms and all the inventions that keep up with its pace will transform into a better solution for all the consumers – in this case, the retailers and the customers. POS systems are an integral part of this industrialised shopping experience and its upgrade means better shopping conditions for everyone. That said the technology is always one step ahead and if you want to follow the pace you must be efficient.

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