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New Netgear Wifi Extender Setup

Netgear_ext setup is not any rocket-science for which you need to go for a lot of research. In fact, just using the user-manual guidelines will able to make the right configuration for your extender.

Basically, is the default web extension for Netgear Wireless Extender setup, which boost up your home WiFi network. That helps you to achieve internet access in each and every corner of your premise (home or office).

Prior connecting with Netgear_ext, you will need to connect Netgear Wireless extender to the router’s network and for that you must know the SSID of the router’s network. Once you have this, you have two options – either to go with WPS setup or use the manual setup. Below we are providing steps for both options.

Netgear_ext setup using WPS

WPS, wireless protected setup is the easiest way of the setup. Here are the adequate guidelines for it:

First of all, make sure both your router and the extender have WPS setup button.

  • Place both the extender and router in the same room for the installation and setup process.

  • Connect the extender to the power outlet and wait for power LED light to lit.

  • Once the power LED is lit, press the WPS button on both router and extender simultaneously.

  • This will link up both the devices. It will take around 2-3 minutes, when WPS process is completed, and you will notice three solid green lights.

  • Now your extender is successfully connected to the Wireless router and is ready for use.

  • Place the extender wherever you want and get rid of WiFi dead spots.Note: In case your router do not have the WPS button. Then you will need to execute the steps for manual setup (provided below).

Netgear_ext manual Setup

  • Connect power supply to the extender using the power outlet.

  • Check the power LED, wait for it to go green.

  • Make sure you have placed the extender near to the router.

  • Now use a desktop or laptop to connect with the extender’s WiFi.

  • To do this, click on the WiFi icon on your computer and tap in extender’s SSID.
    Mostly the extender’s SSID is Netgear_ext.

  • Now open any web browser, it will redirect to mywifiext local
  • Then you will encounter the login screen for your New extender setup.

  • Create a new account, or if you already have an existing account use that.

  • If you’re creating a new account, remember that this account will be used in future for managing your Netgear WiFi extender in the future.

  • Thereafter as you need to setup your extender, tap on WiFi Range Extender Setup.

  • Choose the SSID of the extender and click on “Next”.

  • Now select the network to which you wish to pair the extender.

  • Enter the password for the chosen SSID (network name of your router).

  • Execute each on-screen instructions precisely.

  • If needed, you can also specify the security features for your extender’s network.

  • You can make changes under the “security” section.

  • Click on “Apply” to save all the modifications.

  • After you’re done with the instructions, extender will give three solid green lights.

  • These lights confirm that your extender is all set up and ready for use.

  • Now you can plug the extender wherever you want, to decompose the no WiFi zones in your house or office.

The above provided steps are the measures you need to follow for Netgear_ext manual setup. For any queries, leave a comment below.

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