Why Migrating From MS Dynamics AX to MS Dynamics 365 Important?

MS Dynamics 365

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Dynamics 365 vs Dynamics AX: best time for an upgrade?

Since Dynamics AX is officially retired, it is no longer available to new users. The existing AX customers are still able to buy extra licenses; however these are subject to the latest Dynamics 365 licensing model.

The new Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations includes significant back-end alterations when compared to Dynamics AX. Let’s learn about these changes-

  • Web based login 

If you get dynamics 365, you will learn a couple of big changes related to deployment and interface. All the dynamics 365 applications are browser-based, that means you no longer need to load the program on your PC to access them. You can simply login to the web browser and you are done! This new login method is helpful in terms of accessibility and mobility front as it allows users to access and run the apps from any device using internet connection.

  • New Interface

Existing users of Dynamics 365 will find Finance and Operations a lot different in terms of interface. The latest sleek design is introduced to provide enhanced user experience and encourage collaboration with other users. You can customize the interface, your homepage with custom colors, and default start pages.

  • More integrations 

Dynamics 365 is the cloud’s first platform that has potential for extensive integration with other available platforms. You can easily integrate Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations with other MS cloud products, including Office 365, Dynamics CRM, and PowerBI.

  • Improved BI 

As new dynamics 365 has access to AI-powered analytical services, and business data sets, it gives enough reasons to users to switch from Microsoft dynamics AX services to Dynamics 365 in terms of BI and reporting.

  • Frequent updates

As new Dynamics 365 is cloud-based product, users don’t have to wait for new version updates and features. All new developments and updates are accessible to Finance and Operations. Users just need to accept them.

  • More flexibility 

The money on user and device licenses can be saved by users with the Dynamics 365’s latest licensing model. It also enhances flexibility of the pricing model for businesses to make best use of Dynamics’ capabilities.

When to upgrade to Dynamics 365?

If you don’t know whether to upgrade to Dynamics 365 or not, or if you are just unsure about upgrading the system; these following questions will help you in making final decision-

  1. How much time left for your product expiry?
  2. Is your present system performing as per your expectation?
  3. What finance and operations functions are performed by you outside AX?
  4. Do you have compatibility issues with other systems?
  5. Are you facing server-crashing problems?
  6. Are you spending more on reporting?

Things to watch out in new MS Dynamics 365-

  • Enhanced search 

Finance and Operations’ global search feature makes it simpler for users to explore information they need regardless of the location in the system.

  • Inventory balance overviews 

Dynamics 365 users are able to get a quick overview of their inventory balance, annual inflow and outflow, work in progress inventory balances via the cost administration workspace. All these balances are set for automated updating every 24 hours, and users can even make manual changes to them.

  • Embedded BI reports 

Dynamics 365 users are able to create and embed highly intuitive BI reports and visualizations into the finance and operations interface.

  • Enhanced integration with Excel

Integration with Excel allows Dynamics 365 users to use spreadsheets to enter, update, or delete demand forecasts throughout the finance and operations interface. It also enables users to export their account structures to excel.

  • Monitoring performance

When connected with Finance and operations, users are able to generate robust, customizable retail and financial channel health reports leveraging dynamics 365 data instantly.

  • Vendor purchase order confirmation 

Users will be allowed to send purchase orders for approval via self-service vendor portal. The vendor will either confirms or reject the order. Since the vendors can access the overview of all the confirmed purchase orders through their account using portal, it eliminates paperwork for purchasing department and fewer chances of misunderstandings left between customer and vendor.

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