Know about Penetration testing and everything around it

Penetration testing is one of the most popular services. This is an effective and at the same time important way to test your own safety and move it further.

How does testing work?

As part of the penetration test, you hire a good hacker (called an ethical hacker) with CEH certification in Dubai and give him the task of attacking you.

Of course, such an ethical hacker will not crash your servers or encrypt important data and demand a ransom from you. However, his activity is otherwise very similar to how a real attacker would really proceed:

  • first they will find out a lot of information about you,
  • finds your weaknesses,
  • then uses them for a simulated attack.

He carefully documents all problems, vulnerabilities and flaws found during the attack. After the test, they will go through them with you and recommend a way to fix them.

Is it important to enter penetration tests?

But before the penetration test begins, it is important to determine how the test will take place and what its scope will be. It is primarily a matter of agreeing on what the goal of the test will be.

  • Whether you provide the tester with some information (and thus target the tester to a specific service, server, or part of the infrastructure).
  • Or leave him completely free.
  • It is also customary to explicitly state whether user testing may be part of the test. (So-called social engineering, in which the tester, for example, sends your users a fake e-mail in which they try to lure passwords out of them.)

How often is it appropriate to repeat pentesters?

It is advisable to perform the tests repeatedly (for example once a year) or after significant changes (infrastructure, after migrations, upgrades or after the arrival of a large number of new employees).

What are the types of penetration tests?

So far, we have described external testing. i.e. Attack from outside the company. Either completely without providing information from the tested company, or with some limited data.

We often perform testing of the internal infrastructure, where we get access to the internal network and test how a possible attack would take place from within.

For example, using an infected computer by an employee who opened a dangerous e-mail attachment. This is the most common way today’s attacks take place.

You can also focus on a specific system

In addition to external or internal penetration tests, you can of course also order specifically targeted tests:

  • mobile application test
  • phishing campaigns
  • website test
  • penetration tests API
  • Wi-Fi test
  • DoS tests (stress tests)

What is most important about penetration testing?

Perhaps the most important part of the penetration test is the final report.

Under no circumstances should you settle for an automatically generated report from a software or vulnerability scanner!

It is in it that the quality of the penetration tester with networking course in UK is fully reflected. Not only can he find the security problem and fully understand it in detail, but he can also explain it to you clearly and advise you on possible remedies.

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