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The hunting community of today has a lot to offer in convenience and enhancement to the sport. Making use of today’s technology improves the hunter’s experience overall. I have a few things I would like to share from personal experience and much research.

  • Spotting Scope

Spotting Scope

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A spotting scope is a very nice tool I like having in my wilderness adventure. I can get a much better view of my distant target and its surroundings, helping me to zero into the small mark. Typically, a spotting scope sits on a tripod to prevent the shakiness due to the enhancement also, allowing significantly better magnification than I get with a simple pair of binoculars. The actual resolution and magnification range from twenty to sixty times, varying with expense and necessity.

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I have found that popularity has dramatically increased with spotting scopes allowing the market to expand as well. It is possible to spend more than what a rifle might cost and worth the investment. One I have had my eye on is the MeoPro spotter. The resolution, brightness, and color are well intensified due to the 80mm fluoride objective lens element. The standard comes with an integrated 20 to 60 multiplier eyepiece. Distant objects are made incredibly sharp with this technology. The magnesium chassis is waterproof and fog proof with its rubber armor making it much more durable for extended life in the field.

  • Drone


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I am considering using a drone as a means of locating a game. Having a “bird’s eye view” can reveal what would be easily missed when on foot over a vast area. Dealing with ethical use is up to the hunter until the legislature catches up, although some states have begun to regulate their use.

It is not uncommon to wound an animal having it escape to die somewhere lost to the hunter. Having access to a good drone is potentially a great benefit to the hunter and the suffering animal in this scenario. I can see a good use for a drone during the offseason as well.

A drone can be used as an excellent scouting device as opposed to wandering through the brush and mud to get an idea of the terrain. A drone can expose the distribution of quarry throughout the hunting grounds.

When searching for a hunting drone, I would be more prone to consider one with a high operating range with extended flight time being the next concern. One drone I have had my eye on is the DJI Mavic Pro. This model has many features making it one of the best for hunting use.

The DJI Mavic Pro comes with a 12-megapixel camera and video resolution of 4k ultra-high definition. The drone’s flight time is just under half an hour with the ability to spot game as far as seven kilometers away. The GPS marking ability will allow for pinpointing the exact location preventing all the guesswork with maps. Another of the features of the DJI Mavic Pro is its autonomous flying ability.

I like this ability called “position hold mode” that will keep the drone stationary over the mark. This capacity, in turn, allows the hunter to focus on hunting and not having to worry about the welfare of the drone.

  • Hunting Knife

Hunting Knife

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A good hunting knife is an essential tool during the sport. Hunting knives are generally designed for cutting and not so much for stabbing. The idea is to be able to separate the meat from the hide with a curved blade as to not cause a puncture. A fixed blade or folding blade each have different advantages, and it comes down to the preference of the individual. Folding knives are considered safer and easier to carry where fixed blades may be better used as far as larger games.

A preferable knife I appreciate is the Benchmade Hidden Canyon Hunter Knife. The high-grade CPM-S30V steel makes for a durable blade that will hold an edge for some time. I am also impressed with the lightweight and balance making this knife easy to handle. I can use the Benchmade Hidden Canyon Hunter Knife from start to finish when harvesting an entire deer yet just as well; it compliments my tackle box.

  • Hunting Watch

Hunting Watch

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Today’s outdoor watches have changed as much as telephones became pocket computers. Some of the features of today’s watches include an altimeter, barometer compass GPS and can even tell a hunter what time the gun was shot. The watch that is at the top of my wish list is the Suunto Traverse Alpha GPS. A great feature of this device is the “bread crumb” markers. I feel more comfortable venturing out knowing my route back, and the map function is excellent for marking trails I may want to revisit. The Suunto Traverse Alpha GPS also keeps track of each time the gun is fired, giving the time and location. There are quite a few other features packed into this watch. Some include bad weather warnings, and overall, it was built with military-grade making it one of the more durable watches on the market.

Keeping up with all the advances in hunting technology is a stimulating sport on its own. Making use of the many instruments enhances my experience with excitement even before I head out on the hunt.

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