How to measure marketing actions? Know the best indicators!

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How to measure Marketing actions, do you have an idea? Regardless of the size of your business, measuring results is essential to keep everything running in a healthy way. But stay calm, if you don’t know how to do it yet, you’ve come to the right content!

If you bet on marketing strategies, especially in Digital Marketing actions, measuring results needs to be part of your routine.

After all, how will you know what is bringing you positive results and what is causing you harm?

It is necessary to know exactly what you are achieving with each action, so you will also have time to adjust your actions quickly and effectively to change the scenario.

Therefore, if you still do not know how to measure Digital Marketing actions, why should you do this and do not know exactly what to evaluate, be prepared, as we will answer all of this in this content. Check out!

  • Is it possible to measure results of digital marketing actions?
  • Reasons for you to know how to measure digital marketing actions
  • What metrics can you measure?
  • Vanity metrics: set them aside
  • You already know how to measure digital marketing actions!

Is it possible to measure results of digital marketing actions?

First of all, it is essential that you know that all digital marketing actions are made from data.

In turn, these data are the raw material for this strategy, as they represent the results of each operation.

The question is: yes, it is possible to measure all the data of actions carried out in Digital Marketing, which is even one of the advantages of the strategy.

An example: when entering your company’s corporate blog or website, visitors can offer personal information in exchange for rich material – specific and complete content on a given subject.

That is, this user begins to provide data so that your company can better understand you through opening emails, downloaded materials and so on.

In addition, the internet itself is in charge of getting to know users in depth, since today there are cookies recorded in the browser, which work as a kind of very detailed browsing history.

In this sense, we can say that you can, yes, measure results of all digital marketing actions.

Reasons for you to know how to measure digital marketing actions

Now that you know that it is possible to measure the results of all your digital marketing actions, we are going to show you 5 reasons for you to start doing this in your company right now.

It is important to have the following question clear: how do I need to act so that the client responds better to all my actions?

Certain that this is a question capable of changing the direction of your business, see below the reasons for incorporating the philosophy of data measurement in your business:

  1. Helps you evaluate performance with your audience

In case you don’t know, your brand should be present in the media where your target audience is inserted.

This is because all the actions transmitted will reach the right person at the most appropriate time.

In this case, the function of Digital Marketing is to show how many and which people saw your publications and how they interacted with them.

  1. Optimize actions

When the metrics of a given action are analyzed, it is possible to identify which type of channel, content format and language used were most successful with your audience.

With this, you come to better understand what your company’s strengths and weaknesses are and how they can be improved over time.

  1. Saves resources and time

Knowing how to measure marketing actions also helps when it comes to saving your company’s resources and the working time of all employees.

If you notice that something is not giving the expected results, it is necessary to make changes so that the actions and the team are aimed at better results, without wasting anything in the company.

  1. Helps to make assertive decisions

In a market as competitive as the current one, making assertive decisions is essential.

And this is only possible if your company’s managers rely on data so that there is no unnecessary risk along the way.

Therefore, digital marketing metrics can help you make assertive decisions and reduce market uncertainties, as well as improve the return on each action more effectively.

  1. Allows you to set objectives and goals

Before you go all out on any digital marketing action, you must have planned it beforehand to establish objectives and goals with each action in relation to the business.

This helps all your employees to stay motivated and prepare for performance to improve 100%.

So, know how much your company can and should grow in the coming months and what actions you need to achieve the necessary results.

What metrics can you measure?

The amount of information we can extract from the internet is impressive.

Knowing this, you and all your employees need to understand how to measure digital marketing actions, in order to gather the information needed to help in the future of the organization.

Therefore, whenever you give any relevance to a metric, take into account the following indicators of success of your enterprise:

  • CAC: it is also known as Cost of Customer Acquisition. With this indicator, you can discover the value of each consumer for your company;
  • ROI: the Return on Investment is one of the most important metrics and used in digital marketing. It shows the value achieved with each business strategy and action;
  • Conversion Rate: in case you don’t know, conversion is the goal of big projects. This is because it has to do with the result of a given action;
  • CPC: is the famous Cost per Click. This indicator is the most common way of charging used by the main internet ad channels, such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads;
  • CTR: the Click Rate shows the number of clicks that users gave on your link, also comparing how many times an ad was shown;
  • Engagement Rate: focused on social networks, this metric is important to show the impact of your relationship with each of your users.

Once you’ve figured out what the main metrics to measure, it’s time to find out which metrics you can put aside.

Vanity metrics: set them aside

As we talked about in the topic above, it is possible to come across a lot of data on the internet, which can end up confusing the information of what actually brings results or not for your business.

With this, it is important that not all metrics are evaluated carefully, since they do not even demonstrate the real performance of their actions.

These indicators that we will show below are known as vanity metrics, as they do not represent that your business is in fact conquering, but metrics that are brought about as the consequences of various actions and in the end will not actually impact your results.

But it is worth saying that every metric is important, the point here is that the vanity metrics, when evaluated by themselves, do not demonstrate their real results.

But when analyzed in context and in conjunction with other metrics, they can also serve as radar.

But when we analyze only the metric itself, we can consider the following as vanity:

  • Open rate: this indicator receives a lot of attention when the action in question is email marketing. This is because it shows the number of people who opened their campaigns;
  • Number of impressions: The number of impressions represents the number of times your ad has been shown to your audience. Still, this indicator does not show whether the user has actually opened the link;
  • Number of fans: what more classic example of vanity metrics than number of followers on Instagram or likes on your Facebook page? While it is interesting to have many people admiring your brand, it does not mean that the content is being relevant to them and that they are becoming customers.

That is, remember that when analyzed by themselves, these metrics will not show you what actually brings the result of your business.

But by inserting them in action contexts and using them in conjunction with other metrics, you can further enrich the knowledge regarding your results and improve them more and more.

You already know how to measure digital marketing actions!

After reading this content, we asked the following question: do you know if all your digital marketing actions are having the expected effect?

If you still don’t know the answer to this type of question, then we recommend measuring the results of all the indicators that we have just shown here right now.

This is because they measure all your marketing actions and make you make more assertive decisions related to the investment that must be made to expand the barriers of your enterprise.

And if you want to increase your knowledge, we recommend reading our content on Best digital marketing techniques on the market.

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