Here’s How to Get Best Laptop in your Budget

best laptop under 25,000

There are hundreds of laptop models that are capable of doing all sorts of amazing things. However, not all of us need blazingly-fast laptops with high-end features.

If you’re not involved in video editing and video production work, or need your laptop for designing or animation work, it is possible to get an enviable laptop at low cost.

You first have to figure out what exactly you need, and what features you would require. To simplify the process, we’ve decided to round up a set of criteria, to choose the best laptop under 25,000 INR.

We’ve also lined up some possible contenders, so that you can choose the best laptop under 25,000 INR for your specific needs.

RAM Size

Your laptop must come with at least 8GB RAM to function smoothly and at optimum speed. Of course there are attractively priced mini laptops in the market that look sleek and fancy, and offer 4GB RAM, but the mini laptop prices are usually low because they typically run out of space sooner and therefore need to be replaced sooner.

Storage Capacity

Look for a 250GB to 500GB HDD or SSD storage. Anything less is probably going to feel too primitive and anything more might not be necessary, if all you do with your laptop is email, video calls and conferencing, creating text and presentations and watching videos.


An Intel Core i3 or i5 processor is what you’re looking for under the laptop specs.

Operating system (OS)

Since you’re investing in a new laptop, you may as well ensure that it comes with at least Windows 8.1 OS. Of course, if you’re getting a Windows 10 Home or a Windows 10 Pro OS with your laptop, then score!

Graphics Card

Given the days we’re living in, where we’re living our lives through our laptop screen, it may not be advisable to settle for anything lower than 512MB Graphics Card.

Feel free to adjust according to basic requirements that you or your employer may have, but be sure to know what you’re buying.

Note that these criteria will work even if you are a student, or if you’re looking to buy the best laptop under 25,000 INR for a student.

Most of the laptops in the under-25,000 INR category will come equipped with a webcam and basic level security. You might need to, however, make a choice between the laptop’s weight and durability.

For example, Dell laptops are typically more durable and are in the long run lighter on your pocket, but might also prove heavier on your shoulder if you move about with your laptop frequently.

As promised, we’ve handpicked three of the most talked about laptops under 25,000 INR.

  1. Lenovo 2NIN Ideapad: with 8GB RAM and a Windows 10 OS
  2. Dell Latitude 3400: with 8GB RAM, Core i3 Processor
  3. Fujitsu Lifebook A555: with 8GB RAM, Core i3 Processor

Go through laptop specs carefully and conduct your research diligently across a few websites, before zeroing in on a piece and making the payment.

Don’t get carried away with mini laptop prices, or with laptops that only look the part – check the specs before purchasing.

Don’t get carried away with laptops that can perform acrobatics and yoga either. Know what you want, and purchase a laptop model that gets the job done.

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