Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells

A lazy cash-grab match-3 game for mindless playing. Monetization on the titles is up and despite the unfinished looks of the gameplay. Zynga’s the developer of the game clearly have their priorities laid.

Faily Brakes 2

Faily Brakes 2 is another addition to the already large list of endless runner games. The rules are pretty simple to avoid obstacles for as long as possibles. As the name suggests already this game is a sequel to the first Faily Brakes, that accumulated about 10-millions installs and counting in the 4 years of its existence. The part 2 doesn’t have a working monetization system this is the best time to download it and avoid the eventual addition of in-app purchases.

Gun Rounds

Gun Rounds is a turn-based shooter game and looks pretty good. Players are going to be repeating the same content again and again. So while the graphics and the whole ambiance of the game is quite good the repetitive nature of content gets quite boring after a while.

Gloom: Digital Edition

Gloom is an old physical card game that is quite a crowd pleaser and party mood maker of its time. Gloom: Digital Edition also does the old game justice with its easy gameplay and graphics. It is better than the PC version that people didn’t like as much as the card game because of issues with controls. Gloom: Digital edition is quite a neat game to play with your friends and family. So if you bored with the regular card games and UNO you should definitely give it a try.

The Everlasting Regret

The Game is named after the title “the Song of Everlasting Regret”, an old Chinese poem. As players solve puzzles by altering paintings, they progress through the game and reveal new poem verses as they do so. which is how you’ll progress through the poem. The Everlasting Regret is completely free to play and sounds interesting.

Red Stone Plateau

Red Stone Plateau is a level based, chess-inspired puzzle game and is quite a time and mind consuming game, to say the least. While there are advertisements the game is a free release. So if you like some not-so mind-numbing games then you should definitely give Red stone plateau a try.

Sauna Like It’s 1979

The name “Sauna Like It’s 1979” is already quite an eye-catching name for a game. The game just like its as eccentric as its name. The back story is that you have inherited a Sauna in Finland in the year 1979. The goal of the game is to sauna in a traditional Finnish way. Players need to choose from Sauna options such as Sauna, Cabin, Pier, and Fire Pit. As you enjoy the last sauna before selling it you need to look at the Sisu-meter so that you don’t pass out. I know I may have made it sound lame but I found it quite an interesting play.

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