Complete Guide to Google Cloud Next Summit 2019

G suite and Google Cloud Platform.

10 Must-see G Suite Developer Sessions At Google Cloud Next ‘19

Google Cloud Next ’18 saw more than 500 sessions related to various aspects of cloud computing including G suite and Google Cloud Platform. This is perhaps the best way to learn to build personalized G Suite solutions that work collectively with system integrators, Independent Software Vendors, and industrial enterprises. G Suite has some pretty smart, secure, intelligent, and simple apps which you can very much integrate with your own apps. Here are some sessions from Google Cloud Next ’18 that generated a lot of user interest and saw large volumes of people attending them.

  1. The first session was about using Sheets, Gmail, Google Drive, Calendar, Slides and much more to power your apps. This session was packed with technical stuff which you must know about to build your very own and customized G Suite. The next a few sessions were high on technical stuff so this was a really good session to kick start Google Cloud Next ’18. Before knowing about the other sections, first know the complete details regarding G Suite like pricing, pros, cons etc.
  2. The next session on the above was a bit more complex and talked about API usage and code labs. This session was organized on two days which basically means that you can choose any of the two days to attend this session according to your schedule.
  3. The next session was about G Suite automation. The main objective of this was to tell ways you can improve the experience of Google Apps Script Developer. This session highlighted many new features in the Google Apps Script Developer. Also, it showed real life business use cases where these features can be particularly useful. This session was mainly targeted towards ITDMs and developers. Basically, developers could now use serverless JavaScript runtime for integration and automation of G Suite apps and data.
  4. The next session was about building serverless applications on the cloud. This was one of the very few hybrid talk sessions. The main talking point of this session included ways to build applications by utilizing G Suite and GCP platforms. This session was filled with information about serverless products and how they will become mainstream in the future. A few demos were also played. An interesting part of this session was the use of both G Suite and GCP in the same application.
  5. The next session was solely about building apps that work as an extension of your business. This session covered information about Google App Maker. This is essentially a low code application development platform for allowing businesses to make their own apps in an easy and reliable manner. Data scientists, technical managers, and business analysts may find this session particularly useful. Google App Maker allows such people with less or no software engineering knowledge to develop their own apps. The Google App Maker has a simple user interface, drag and drop functionality, inbuilt templates and so much more to enable persons with limited technical skills to develop their app in a jiffy.
  6. Google Sheets and Docs have become ubiquitous in the business world today. The next session covered advancements in the Google ecosystem that will make Google Sheets and Docs all the more functional, useful, and productive. This session also shed some light on how your app can be integrated with Google Sheets, docs, and forms.
  7. Gmail add-ons have been around for quite some time now. The next session was organized by the API and add-ons teams of Google. The session included information on how you can integrate Gmail with your application.
  8. There was a session that talked about 30 G Suite tips for employees to become more productive at work. The main talking point here was how G Suite can help employees complete everyday tasks more effectively and efficiently so that at the end of the day, they have some time left to do activities which play a larger role in the development of business like brainstorming ideas.
  9. The next session was all about the security of the brand, products, people, and IP. It covered information about how GCP and G Suite will help secure all the parties involved in the business without hampering development within the organization. This session was particularly useful for decision makers and managers to identify the right cloud provider for the business by taking into consideration various aspects like nature of data, the magnitude of data, amount of cloud storage required, etc.
  10. Feedback is important for every business to improve and satisfy their customers. However, the text in the feedback can be sometimes difficult to understand correctly. This laid down the groundwork for their next session about Cloud Natural Language. This can allow the business to properly evaluate texts, qualitative, and quantitative data for using it towards the betterment of the business. Then they demonstrated how Google forms can be used to collect consumer feedback and how Cloud Natural Language will draw conclusions from it to benefit the business.

With the help of these developer sessions, G Suite has come up with the updated and the advanced features. You can get various discounts for updated G Suite versions on Most of the business people nowadays are moving towards G Suite to make their life style easy and comfort. Why not you? Go!!! Check the benefits and make your business process flexible.

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    This session was full of technical things that you should know to build your G Suite dedicated. The next few sessions are high in technical matters, so it was very good to start this session

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