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Using Haier Ovens

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The performance of the Hair Over-the-Range microwave oven appeared good with the melt/soften and the reheat function appearing to work well. Some liked the ability to maintain the temperature of what had just been cooked in the microwave because it meant only one appliance needed to be used and it saved power by avoiding having to warm up the range oven.

So it would appear that the performance of the best Toaster oven from Haier was acceptable but longer term reliability is the issue.

Features of using Haier Ovens

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Exteriors and Interiors

The Haier microwave ovens have clean lines with a stainless steel finish. It has a glass front and is opened by a handle as opposed to a button you push. The large capacity is ideal for the family and the massive turntable is as large as a large dinner plate and will allow even cooking of the food.

The Haier microwave oven generally has ten power levels and for convenience has multiple one-touch preprogrammed function buttons involving three to four levels. There are an “add 30 seconds” feature and an independent express cook function also.


User-friendly is a major aspect for every individual in the current generation. The first is that people buying a replacement microwave are not used to the new control panel of the Haier microwave oven and the different order of entry from their previous microwave. The second is that it is always advisable to read the manual first and get the procedure in your head before you start. It can be frustrating trying to figure it out without the use of the manual!

Defrosting Features

For defrosting, the Haier microwave oven has the flexibility that allows you to choose either auto to defrost based on weight or you can set the time manually. There is a built-in popcorn function as well. There is a clock on the control panel and the digital display is designed to defrost so that it can be seen from the side on.

Advanced Features

The beep when a cycle is finished annoyed a few people as they thought it was too loud and the volume couldn’t be adjusted. But apparently, the Haier microwave oven goes through its cycles very quietly. The majority of comments on the ability of the Haier microwave oven to defrost and cook food were positive.

Haier Microwave Oven Reviews

There were generally positive reviews for the Haier microwave oven with quite a few comments about its nice design and clean looks. Forty-two per cent of reviewers gave it a 5 rating and this was backed by a solid 29 per cent for a 4 ranking. This means that 71% of reviewers were happy with their purchase.

There was a general comment that this microwave oven was a good value for money, many were surprised how large it was for the price. There was also an appreciation for the glass front of the Haier microwave oven on the door and the fact it opened with a handle as opposed to a push button arrangement.

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