Why Facial Verification Works better as Compared to the Fingerprint Sensor?

Facial Verification Works better as Fingerprint Sensor

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Fingerprint Sensor Vs Facial Recognition

Technological advancements are doing wonders in all types of industries. Businesses are investing in technological assets to gain a competitive edge over their rivals in the industry.Facial verification has made a significant impact on society in recent years. It is helping people get rid of ID cards, documents, tokens, PINs, and passwords, enabling them to prove their identity with their unique physiological or behavioural characteristics. It is also making life better by eliminates the need for carrying possessions all the time to prove one’s identity. There have been many instances in the past where people were denied access just because they forgot to carry an identity card or particular document to prove their identity.

Any smartphone device in modern days provides you with both services, fingerprint sensor, and face verification with loads of other features. As compared to facial verification fingerprint sensor is quite an old service in the market. It has become a priority of users to check the fingerprint sensor feature before buying any smartphone This sensor creates a digital image of your fingerprint, so it’s aware of how your fingerprint looks like, most phones have more sensor to analyze that the impression of your fingerprint is real or fallacious. 

What is Face Verification Technology?

Moving towards the other side, which is quite new for users, that is face recognition. If we talk about facial verification in smartphones, we can categorize them on the basis of the quality of captivity i.e low-end smartphones, and high-end smartphones. In low-end smartphones camera capture images in the 2-D model so a person can easily unlock the device by the image of the owner. As compared to its counterpart the current high expensive generation of cellular phones offer live facial coverage coupled with an iris scanner, omits or minimize the risk of identity forged. Perks of having such an identity verification in such smartphones reduce the threat of identity theft because of the unique pattern of the iris which differs from person to person. So even twins can’t get illegal access to each other’s smartphones, as their facial features considerably the same. 

Advantages of Face Verification over fingerprint scanner:

If we categorize advantages after comparing both technologies, the following are a few points to count:

  • No Contact:

                            Facial verification is non-intrusive, you don’t need to come in contact with the device to get access to this service. All you have to do is to come in front of the camera and software will scan the image its liveliness plus iris pattern compare it with the information stored in it if the information matches with the current pattern device will upload a verified status, and unlock the phone. The major problem with fingerprint scanning is that it requires direct contact of the finger with the sensor, which at times doesn’t work if the finger is dirty or if the sensor has some smudge on it. The image can not be processed that way, making the procedure slow and time-consuming. While on the other hand there are no such issues in face verification technology.

  • Fast and Accurate:

                                    It is less time consuming and fast, it verifies and grants access easily. It’s comparatively less stressful.Processing time is less. Works in no time.

  • No Additional Hardware Required:

 It does not require any other hardware or software like a fingerprint scanner needs both of them. Resulting in low cost as well.

  • High Accessibility :

                            Facial recognition as compare to fingerprint scanner has a high accessibility level.

  • Universality:

                         In the nature of universality facial recognition is still exceed there, every human has facial features but not every human has fingerprint expression.

  • High potential for circumvention:

                                Face verification technology is not easily spoof-able. It is highly potential for circumvention.

  • Can work from distance:

                       Face recognition can work from distance.Individual can be identified from a distance as well. 


It can be concluded on this point, the tool of biometric identification will keep on growing, with the right fusion of an invisible fingerprint sensor to the technology that can even identify and read the minor pattern like iris design of each person, this can lead to the more precise behavioural recognition in coming years. 

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