Major Difference Between a Rebuild and a Renovation

rebuild or renovate

Remodel vs. Rebuild: 4 Differences You Should Know

If you are looking to make some major changes to the style and/or structure of your home, you may be considering a rebuild or renovation.

But what is the difference between the two? One very important reason why you should know the difference is because it will help you get the ball rolling with the contractor or company that you are tasking with the project.

Just like you need to know what kind of professional should you hire for your home remodel or renovation, you should also know how to explain your wants and needs to them from the onset.

We’ve broken down the major differences and similarities so that you know exactly what you are trying to do with your home!

The key difference

The primary difference between the two basically deals with how deep the changes go. A renovation means that you are updating an existing structure with cosmetic changes. A remodel involves changing the very structure through demolition and construction.

So, a renovation of a bathroom – for example – means changing the appliances like sink, bathroom, and shower, or updating the tile. By contracts, a remodel of the same bathroom would mean potentially blowing out a wall or two to increase the square footage or moving the pipes to make room for a washer/dryer closet within that same bathroom.

If your house is starting to feel a bit dated, a renovation can create a fantastic fresh look. If you are expecting a new baby and feel like your home is about to get a lot more cramped, you might want to consider adding some actual space by way of a renovation.

Who to hire

By now, it should be pretty clear that the difference between a renovation and remodel is quite stark. With that in mind, it should also be clear to you that the person(s) you hire for the job should also be quite different.

With many renovations, you can hire an experienced contractor or home repair expert. Remodeling jobs, however, should be helmed by someone with much more specialized expertise due to the clear increase in cost, complexity and risk.

Home remodels or additions often convert an entire floor plan and requires a reconfiguration of electricity, water, gas and more. In addition to hiring someone who is going to do the actual physical work, you should also hire an architect or building engineer to ensure that the structure will be structurally sound throughout the building process from beginning to end.

Difference in price

This might be the most important factor to keep in mind. Some renovations are possible to do DIY and can cost a few thousand dollars to do really well.

When it comes to a remodel, the permits that you need to obtain just to be able to start the work can run you $500-$1,000. The work itself can easily run your $10,000 or more depending on the extent of the remodel that you are looking to do.

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